The 2016 Toyota GT86



With this new model, Toyota is offering an accessible high-performance, track-focused coupe. The 2016 GT86 is exactly what we need in terms of economy. A purchasable sports car. We can see it branded under Scion and Subaru makers, but the one and only is going to be a Toyota.

Users will have a wide range of versions to choose when it comes about the 2016 GT86. From hybrid drivetrain to no-roof, we will see a lot of variety. For those who already know the model from past years, you are going to see few-but-notorious new features and changes.

Let’s review some of the 2016 GT86’s highlights.

Toyota-Powered Engine

Here, at Up and Coming Cars we love Toyota vehicles. We think that they are extremely well-made and have a world-class quality. The Japanese maker only does durable and reliable cars. That’s a fact.

For this model, Toyota decided to bring a more powerful engine. This time, the 2016 GT86 packs a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine that will generate 200 hp and a maximum torque of 151 lb-ft.

As a companion for this highly efficient engine, there is going to be several types of transmissions. It all depends on the buyer’s preference. The Aero variant, for example, features a 6-speed manual transmission, which will be exclusive of the mentioned version. There will be plenty of alternatives in this aspect.


More than brute power within the 2016 GT86, we will find a beautifully tuned agility. Toyota designed the equation to achieve great handling at high speeds, improving lap times. The truly balanced chassis, the low center of gravity and rear-wheel-drive power, provides a top-quality performance.

All this factors are clearly traduced in numbers. The 2016 GT86 goes from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 5 seconds and have an estimated top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h). The main architecture of the engine was highly upgraded from previous models, in order to get an enhanced air consumption.

Following the legal framework, the 2016 GT86 respect the Euro 6 emission standards, maintaining optimum fuel economy and CO2 numbers.

Design and Comfort


Again, the Aero version seems like the most attractive. It comes with hot, glossy black 18-inch wheels, led by a sexy orange paint job. Besides this, the general design maintains most of its original form.

Main changes in design are found in front and rear bumpers, where aerodynamic improvements were made. More efficient air intakes were created to maximize cooling and airflow capacity.

Despite being a low-to-mid-entry sports cars, the interior is built with top quality materials. The cockpit and instruments’ design are elegant and quite fancy. The 2016 GT86 provides more comfort than expected, actually.


Among the toys available, we found the Toyota’s Infotainment system, fully-reliable air conditioner, Bluetooth connectivity and more. Many of these toys will be optional extras with a price tag.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 GT86 is a wild but discrete piece of Japanese engineering. It isn’t a Shelby-killer but could compete with the most basic Mustang. With its estimated base price of US$25.000, this seems logical.

It looks sexy and it’s pretty quick and agile. The Toyota’s expectations of making an affordable and fun racing-inspired car were accomplished. The 2016 GT86 is doing well in the same segment as the VW GTI, the Chevy Camaro, and the previously mentioned Mustang.

Many in the specialized media aren’t one-hundred percent happy with the car, but the wide variety of models is an upper hand. The GT86 model is even found under other car makers, like Subaru and Scion, with the BRZ and FR-S names respectively.


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