The 2016 Ferrari F12tdf



The 2016 F12tdf comes as one of the most beautiful Ferrari models ever, clearly based on the front-engined, spectacular F12berlinetta. With high-end track-focused specs, this supercar is going to cost a lot. In fact, the production will be really limited as expected from an exotic vehicle like this one.

The “tdf” tag is a reference to the good ol’ days when Ferrari achieved huge feats in the racing world. Don’t get me wrong, it still does very well in the professional sports leagues, but those times were way more glorious. They represent the shiny talent of Mr. Enzo, back in the beginning.

Let’s get familiar with the new, threatening 2016 F12tdf.

Colossal Power Plant


For the 2016 F12fdt, Ferrari chose a DOHC 48-valve 6.3 L V12, which provides a monstrous performance. In numbers, this massive engine is capable of producing 770 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of maximum torque, both at 8900 RPM. If you doubt it for a second, now you not. This is a hypercar.

Along with this powerful weapon under the hood, the 2016 F12fdt comes with a 7-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission with manual shifting through paddles. As usual, this transmission comes with multiple driving modes, which enhance acceleration, suspension and handling behavior.

This transmission is the same onboard of the base F12berlinetta, just greatly improved to get faster shifts. The estimated top speed goes up to 211 mph (340 km/h). In terms of fuel efficiency, the 2016 F12fdt has a combined 13 mpg. But, who cares? If you are paying for this insane Ferrari, you don’t have a problem with fuel prices.

This model shares the same brakes on the LaFerrari, which are CCM carbon-fiber discs. Around them, we found Pirelli Corsas, providing maximum grip and an awesome handling at high speeds. The steering is highly responsive, maybe more than the convenient.

A Beautiful Design


Yes, we love it. Isn’t a secret. At Up and Coming Cars we are in love with the F12berlinetta. Now, logically, we also love the F12tdf. You might wonder, “why?”

Front-engined Ferrari supercars have a design beyond beauty. The long, large front end gives this model a unique and elegant look. There isn’t a vehicle in the market with that style and grace. Now, the base model’s aerodynamic was enhance for the 2016 F12tdf. This was achieved thanks to important but respectful body modifications at both ends.

Going beyond body changes, tech was used. The rear diffuser features active flaps for improvement performance, which increase grip or reduce drag, all depending the situation. The final aerodynamic result goes up to 300 lb of downforce. The estimated curb weight is around 3600 lb (1633 kg).


The interior shows up more muscle than the exterior, many could think. It features a more track-focused appearance, with lightweight panels on the floor and a minimalistic dashboard. Huge paddle shifters are located behind the legendary F1-inspired steering wheel. The sports bucket seats are comfortable and excel providing the required support when high speeds are reached.

The Bottom Line

We can get enough of this beautifully crafted Ferrari. The 2016 F12tdf will have a great year of sales, we think. This street-legal supercar is one of the most exciting Ferraris lately, and probably the most good-looking front-engine beast of our era.

It won’t be cheap. The 2016 F12tdf will have an estimated price tag of US$490.000 and it’s expected to be under limited production. As possible rivals and worthy competitors, you can check out the 2015 Lamborghini Aventador SV, which is kind of outdated in comparison with this new Maranello creation.