The 2015 Ferrari F12berlinetta


FERRARI_F12BERLINETTA_FRONTThe 2015 F12berlinetta represents one of the most beautifully designed cars ever made by the legendary Italian maker. Style and elegance aren’t the only words to describe it. With a massive, top-performance engine on board, it’s hard to define.

This Ferrari is a strange yet perfect mix of grace and speed. The elegance and opulence experienced in and out is out-of-this-world, even compared to luxury-focused makers, like Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Let’s know more about this Ferrari piece of work.

Cutting-Edge, Mighty Engine & Specs

In terms of power, the 2015 F12berlinetta isn’t short. This supercar packs a naturally aspirated 6.3 L V12 engine, which produces 731 hp at 8250 RPM and a maximum torque of 508 lb-ft at 6000 RPM. This cutting-edge motor is one of the most celebrated ones by the Italian maker. It features a 13.5:1 compression ratio.


Along this powerful engine, we found a 7-speed automatic transmission with Overdrive, offering, as expected, paddle shifting for more entertaining rides.

When a supercar features the Ferrari stamp on it, people should not expect less. The 2015 F12berlinetta, packs a lot of high-tech toys in order to deliver a top experience. This Ferrari, as many others, is oriented to deliver a really high performance.

In this matter, we can find multiple technologies which will greatly improve the capacities of the supercar. Most of them are the F1-Trac, which is a highly efficient and smart traction control; the E-Diff 3, which will improve the differential performance; and the SCM-E with dual coil, focused on the suspension behavior.

The massive engine packed on the 2015 F12berlineta has a fuel consumption of 11 city MPG and 16 highway MPG. If you are worried about the gas prices, please, do not consider buying this six-figure Italian supercar.

Dazzling Design


“Beautiful” isn’t enough to describe the 2015 F12berlinetta. Its sculpted surfaces are focused on style and performance. All the curves we found are near perfect, enhanced by the front-engine setup, which allows the distinctive front fascia.

It is probably the best looking Ferrari ever. As the 2015 F12berlinetta, front-engine Ferrari supercars are always special. Its elegant lines features aerodynamic capacities, which allows the vehicle to go further the 200 mph mark.

On 20-inch aluminum wheels, there are 255/35 ZR 20 tires in the front and 315/35 ZR 20 in the rear. These are attached to a chassis constructed based on the aeronautical technology, totally lightweight. The entire supercar reaches a curb weight of 3593,5 lb (1630 kg).

When we reach the cockpit, we found an exquisite interior decoration. Premium leather is wrapping most elements. The instruments, mainly the steering wheel, are totally F1-inspired. The feel is a fancy mix of opulence and Formula One.


Before getting in, we notice the remote key-less entry, one of the main features based on comfort and technology lately. Heated mirrors, parking assists, front air conditioner with dual zone capabilities, LCD monitor with navigation service, sport-driving seats position and much more is featured in the interior.

The Bottom Line: the 2015 F12berlinetta is more than Beauty

Actually, we can hide our love for the 2015 F12berlinetta. Its beauty makes us delight our sight each time. It doesn’t matter what. This gorgeous Ferrari is more than luxury and high performance. It is one of the most valuable piece of art made by Ferrari.

If you want to be the owner of a 2015 F12berlinetta, you must know the price. It has an estimated price tag of US$319.995. This model comes with everything described, including the stunning looks.