The Revival of the Series 8 Could Be a Defining Moment in BMW History


The BMW Series 8 is around the corner. The recently announced concept was stunning enough to make us wonder where the German carmaker wants to go in the upcoming years. This move seems to be a quality effort to get into the very end of the high-end segment, a place Mercedes-Benz has a few models.

This weekend, the 24 Hours of Nurburgring event is going to be held and BMW is planning to officially present the 2018 Series 8 in its final production version, ready to go out next year. So, what can we expect from this announcement? What is the concept offering us so far?

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The Concept: What We Know So Far

The Series 8 Concept didn’t show up the muscle behind the hood yet. Instead, the announcement was focused on the aesthetics, a design trend that defies everything that BMW has been doing in the last few years.

Designers took the Bavarian company’s spirit to draw clear lines that respect the essence of the brand. Then, they combined everything to create the form of a worthy supercar. In the front, we are seeing BMW’s meanest faces in ages. In the back, there are is a whole new world, one that we find hard to relate to the carmaker.

Barcelona Grey Liquid: that’s how the paint on the Series 8 Concept is called. We are seeing the most expensive and complex paint job of BMW. Along with this iridescent tone, there is carbon fiber that complete the looks. Inside, the luxury may defeat any other supercar in the market, including the Benz models.


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