In recent days, Daimler announced that the company was making a millionaire investment in an electric battery factory in Germany. This move is a direct aggression towards Tesla, a carmaker that has been basically standing alone in its segment,...
After its acquisition by Asian investors, Buick is trying to get a decent comeback. During the last few decades, this American carmaker has been suffering an important lack of innovation, something that dragged the brand to a complicated situation. Nevertheless,...
BMW knows very well that it’s paramount to invest plenty in the entry-level lineup, which is both affordable and interesting right now. That’s why we have been receiving an extraordinary 2-series since a while ago, a sporty compact with...
SUVs are getting more popular than expected these days. More carmakers are betting on this format as customers are willing to pay big sums if the final product is satisfying. Bentley knew this and created the Bentayga, a remarkable...
During the last few years, crazy tuners with rich sponsors have chosen the Nissan GT-R as their guinea pig to create out-of-the-charts monsters. This time, the team behind Extreme Turbo System was the responsible for building an insane vehicle...

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