The Nissan Titan Warrior Concept



Before talking about the really attractive Titan Warrior Concept, we have to make several things straight. Over and over again, full-size monster trucks are announced with a single objective these days: stealing the F-150’s loyal customers. You could see it as a wrong strategy, but it is not. The well-known Raptor is a huge hit. It is a great idea to emulate it.

The Titan Warrior Concept features great off-road capabilities, which make it enter the realm of the critically-acclaimed and loved-by-everyone F-150 Raptor. The base model, the Titan XD, didn’t work as expected. At least not for competing with such an amazing off-road truck as the offered by Ford.

Now notice that this is just a concept vehicle announced during the world-famous 2016 Detroit Auto Show, but Nissan said that is highly possible to see this model hit the market. A lot of toys onboard could make a fat price tag after all.

Let’s know more details.

Cummins-Powered Drivetrain


The impressive powerplant on the Titan XD recently reviewed here, at Up and Coming Cars, is present on this concept truck. The turbo-diesel 5.0 L V8 engine developed by Cummins pretend to deliver a superior performance in comparison with the base model.

Also, the exact same 6-speed automatic transmission is onboard with no significant changes at all. What is actually brand new on the Titan Warrior Concept is the long-travel suspension with hydraulic pressurized bump stops. The entire suspension layout suffered and important revamp, upgrading it with hardcore elements for great off-road skills.

These specs will provide enough power and agility to hit any unpaved trail. The Titan Warrior Concept is made with that idea in mind. The Raptor, on the other side, enjoys from really high capacities when it comes about getting off the road. Under the fenders, we found colossal 37-inch off-road tires wrapping reinforced heavyweight 18-inch wheel, totally capable for the job.

Main Attractive and Design


Let’s ignore the scarce specs. We can expect almost the same onboard of the base truck. Now, the main attractive is how the Titan Warrior Concept truly looks. We found most changes in terms of design and overall appearance, making the Titan Warrior Concept’s biggest strength how it looks. “Brawny”, “powerful”, and “hostile” are good adjectives to use in this case. Nissan made a nice job here.

The intimidating front fascia features massive and muscular details. While the form of the headlights is the same, the internal design is quite different. All the changes are looking to make the Titan base model more athletic and sport-inspired. LED technology use is heavy on this concept. Mounted LED lights on the roof in a stylish way are a great addition.

In design, the Titan Warrior Concept has slightly bigger dimensions in comparison with the base truck, which is interesting and could have a deep impact on the overall performance. The matte-gray paint job with plenty of vivid orange details is sexy. Really sexy. When we arrive at the cockpit, the spirit is quite the same. The black is predominant while orange accents add the emotion. Every element and instrument are designed and located in a practical way, thinking always in the off-road lifestyle that this truck is aimed to.


The Bottom Line

We truly hope that the Titan Warrior Concept reach the production phase. Looks like this off-road-focused truck with its astonishing appearance could be capable of fighting back the undisputed dominance of the F-150 Raptor.

As expected from a concept vehicle, there isn’t a price tag. But, we could expect something above the US$40.000, considering the price of the base Titan.