The McLaren MP4-X Concept



Most successful car makers and biggest players in the industry these days seem themselves in an aggressive war to predict and forge the future at the same time. McLaren is one of them with an important presence at the motorsport sector as well. The MP4-X Concept is their way to be a step closer to the future of the automotive world.

This highly interesting concept represents the truly possible future of the Formula One, the supreme discipline of the motorsport. Is it possible to make it and put it on the track? Yes, it is. While the MP4-X Concept is highly futuristic, it doesn’t offer unpractical features. All the way around, the vast majority of the features onboard represents a potential medium to enhanced the F1 category.

Powertrain details and several other haven’t announced yet. The British maker only releases enough information to excite up. Nothing more. The FIA is a stubborn organization, so the tech onboard will be hard to digest by them. This process is going to take some time.

Anyways, it packs yet-forbidden technologies that probably are going to be allowed by the FIA in the upcoming years, due their potential, growing popularity, and acceptation.

Avant-Garde, Green Technology that Makes You Quicker


The MP4-X Concept, as expected, will be powered by a hybrid drivetrain that involves solar power. Again, this model is trying to forge the future. This race car would feature ultra-thin battery cells to feed the engines. A solar-recharging system is also included as a key feature to this technology. Everything aims to a clean future for the motorsport.

The tires pushing this single-seater could be highly advanced if the FIA approve their use. They would have all kind of sensors attached to the inner structure to get usable data on the track for both drivers and engineers. In the same matter of the sensors, the chassis could have a lot of them as well. The end would be the chance to analyze data related to the body and structure conditions during the race.

Cutting-Edge Body Kit and Design


Unbelievable as it sounds, the car maker wants to build a body with adaptive shape-memory materials. This would allow the instant physical modification of the body through electric waves depending on the exact situation. This is already slightly used in today’s Formula One, but not at the scale pretended by McLaren.

The hardcore aerodynamics capabilities that we can already suppose with the concept design could be even more efficient and have a deeper impact if this technology is completely developed. Related to the previous tech mentioned, there is the Active Flow Control, that would morph the wings to enhance aerodynamics and downforce generation, following the conditions of the case.

The massive fenders on the MP4-X Concept cover the whole wheel, which is one of the most notable characteristics of the futuristic form. Also, the closed cockpit is remarkable. This new fighter jet-like cockpit has too many interesting functions. It mainly focuses on the driver’s security.


The FIA could see this feature will really good eyes, because a closed cockpit would greatly reduce the fatalities on the track. Also, the interior wants to bring smart fabrics that will allow a constant analysis of the driver’s condition, like stress levels and related. Then, data and upgraded visibility are priorities. The glass on the driver would show a 360º view around the vehicle, also, could show relevant data of the car, the rivals’ vehicles, and notifications as flags and video messages from the engineering team.

The Bottom Line for the MP4-X Concept

Don’t expect the MP4-X Concept anytime soon. But nevertheless, is highly possible that other car makers related to the Formula One will take inspiration on it to develop future projects. Also, is important to mention that McLaren isn’t a winner lately in F1’s terms, but they still are working hard to innovate the motorsports.

Purists will be angry.