The 2018 Lexus LC500 Coupe



One of the most interesting announcements during the 2016 Detroit Auto Show occurring right now is the 2017 LC500 Coupe, a beautifully try from Lexus to kill German high-performance sedans. Is it going to make it? We don’t know. Not all the details haven’t been exposed yet. Something is sure: this shiny beast isn’t a concept or a limited produced vehicle. It is already into the production phase.

So, can we expect from the 2017 LC500? A lot, actually. Lexus wants it as one of the most exquisite vehicles in the lineup. It can be done, we thing. With its spectacular design, cutting-edge build, and powerful drivetrain, this model could excel at every test.

Let’s take a further look of this impressive Lexus now in production.

Powertrain and Specs


As we already mentioned, Lexus didn’t show up entirely the specs featured by the 2017 LC500. By now, the following is all we know.

This high-performance sedan will pack a naturally aspirated 5.0 L V8 engine, capable of producing up to 467 hp and a maximum torque of 389 lb-ft of maximum torque. Along with this impressive powerplant, we found a 10-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting through wheel-mounted paddles. Performance numbers haven’t been announced yet, but according to the car maker, this model could go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 4.5 seconds.

Must know that the 2017 LC500 features a lightweight build with aluminum, carbon fiber, and magnesium among most used materials. Almost the entire front suspension is made of aluminum, as some elements of the body. An optional carbon fiber roof can replace the standard one made of glass if the user wants to pay for it. Even the transmission features aluminum gears. That’s lightweight fever.

The exhaust system electronically modifies the note for good. This means that the 2017 LC500 will provide the sounds proper of a high-performance beast. In the meanwhile, the unibody for this model supposed to be more rigid that the LFA supercar built by Lexus as well. Notice an active rear spoiler that will greatly improve downforce and overall aerodynamics.


The stopping power is delivered by six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers in the rear end. More details about brands onboard will be revealed soon enough.

Design and Luxury

Of course. The general exterior design of the 2017 LC500 reminds us to the all-mighty LFA supercar limited-produced by Lexus. But actually, the design and style are based on the 2012 LF-LC concept model. A few trails of the LFA could be found in both exterior and interior after all.


In the front fascia, we found the massive grille, a trademark from latest Lexus models in the market. The headlights are now more aggressive, adding uniqueness. From that point of view, the 2017 LC500 seems hostile and belligerent, trying to hit the track. But according to the marker, this isn’t a sports car.

The form tells us a different story, actually. Two air intakes in the front and two more on the sides makes a great cooling distribution for the high-performance brakes while improving aerodynamics. The rear end is sexy as hell. Sharp and slim taillights have no comparison in the industry. The same for the overall design when we see the trunk.

When we arrive the cockpit, the history is the same. Luxury and opulence at its best, featuring a jaw-dropping design for the dashboard and console. It is both elegant and minimalist. Instruments are highly simplified and seem to work successfully along the screen inserted on the dashboard.



The Bottom Line

There is too much about the 2017 LC500 that we don’t know yet. That includes the cost.

Effectively, a price hasn’t been announced yet, but tags around US$100.000 is already expected.