The 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster



There are good moments ahead. Porsche, one of our favorite carmakers, is refreshing one of its most exciting models on the current lineup. Now, the Boxster compact sports car gets a new tag. A new identification number. A new badge to commemorate the good, old times.

The 2017 718 Boxster in the new (more expensive) version launched by Porsche, ready to hit the shelves by the last quarter of this same year. Related to this undisputed revamp of the beautiful compact of the brand, there are massive changes. These mentioned changes include huge aspects like the powertrain. According to the maker, we will get more fuel efficiency and more power. Is that possible?

Notice that the 718 badge responds to a mid-engine race car that won many racing events for Porsche more than fifty years ago. With this, we are getting a good background and hit of what we are going to get. But one thing is certain: the exterior changes are sexy, we dare to say.

Let’s take a closer look of this refreshed Porsche sports car.

Engines and Performance


Forget the flat-six usual powerplant. The novelty of the 2017 718 Boxster is its two brand-new turbo flat-four engines. Yes, we are losing cylinders, but that means nothing at all. Going down from six cylinders to the now turbocharged four represents an important power increase. First, the turbocharged 2.0 L flat-four is totally capable of producing up to 300 hp and a maximum torque of 280 lb-ft. This represents a serious gain of 35 ponies and 74 lb-ft of torque. In the other hand, the 718 Boxster S trim, which features a bigger turbocharged 2.5 L flat-four, enjoys 350 hp and 309 lb-ft of maximum torque.

The rest of the specs also suffered notable enhancements. The electric power steering provides more feedback (according to Porsche, of course) while the suspension and brakes are way better and more efficient. While the 7-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission is a worthy extra, the 2017 718 Boxster will come with a 6-speed manual as standard. As usual, the PDK gearbox will be faster, but it probably won’t provide the fun and excitement that purists are looking for. The manual one does.


In numbers, we get the following of the maker. From standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h), the manual 2017 718 Boxster takes 4.9 seconds, while with the PDK transmission achieve a faster time with 4.7 seconds. In the other hand, the manual Boxster S goes from zero to sixty in just 4.4 seconds. The PDK gearbox onboard the S trim achieve an acceleration rated at 4.2 seconds. The Sport Chrono upgrade package is available as well, pushing the boundaries forward and enhancing the driving experience. In numbers, this extra package improves the times of all the PDK-equipped models in 0.2 seconds.

Design and Style

The renovation of the Boxster model is clear and we can see it. The 2017 718 Boxster looks fresh and with a revamped, more modern design. In the front, it is all Porsche, as always. From a side, we can see important modifications on the sills, and the air intakes. Also, the retouched rear end is unbelievable sexy. The brand-new spoiler and the cutting-edge LED layout for the brake lights are unbeatable.


Inside the cabin, we found that the standard touchscreen works along the latest version of the Porsche Communication Management platform. As well, the dashboard and other interior elements have been improved.

The Bottom Line

Yes, this is a major update. Yes, it made to improve everything we see at the moment. Soon enough we will find out if this is a worthy sports car. We can already assume that it will. The 2017 718 Boxster looks like it.

The price for the base model starts at US$57.050 while the Boxster S trim starts at US$69.090.