The 2017 Nissan GT-R



Godzilla’s fans are freaking out. After all these years of GT-R glory, we finally see significant modifications to the exterior and specs. Most people assume that this is a signal of a near end for the actual generation. We, at Up and Coming Cars, personally think that while a new generation for the mighty GT-R could be incredibly exciting and promising, it can also damage the impressive things Nissan did with the R35.

It doesn’t matter, the arrival of a new generation is almost undeniable. But by now, let’s focus on what the 2017 GT-R will offer. Things changed notably, both in terms of aesthetics and power. You will notice it right away. Luxury in the interior also suffered an upgrade, so brace yourself to know more about one of the tastier, most complete supercars of our era.

Let’s take a closer look at the specs and features.

Improved Engine and Specs


The 2017 GT-R will pack the same powerful VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 powerplant. This time, the power output is rated at 565 horsepower and 467 lb-ft of peak torque. These numbers represent an important increase of 20 hp and 4 lb-ft in torque. To get this upgrade in terms of power, the R35’s engine got a modified ignition timing and upgraded turbochargers for an extra punch.

Along the powerplant, the 2017 GT-R will feature a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with smoother shifts, making it more comfortable to use and quicker. A titanium exhaust system comes as an important novelty as well. Also, we are getting big enhancements for the suspension along with more body’s rigidity. This will deliver important upgrades in terms of performance when cornering at high speeds and quick lateral transitions.

This way, we are getting a more capable R35, ready to hit the track with more rage than before. Notice that we are talking about a base model. The NISMO variant wasn’t mentioned during the presentation. This means that we could see an upgraded NISMO model as well.

Design Refreshment and Luxury Inside


The most notable changes in the 2017 GT-R are noticed in how it looks. In the front fascia, the massive grille is now bigger and more aggressive. The modification in terms of dimensions aims to an improved cooling for the powertrain. On the hood, we also got new hard lines that have a deep impact on aerodynamics and high-speed stability. We also find two air intakes along with the mentioned lines, improving even further the engine cooling.

The side sills we found in this new presentation stimulates the air movement around the body while the revamped rear creates an illusion of a colossal rear end. While the 2017 GT-R has more width in its rear fascia now, the design delivers an exaggerated visual impression.


Inside the cabin, the experience is now different. Nissan invested in a more effective noise-isolated cabin, bringing to the formula an active noise cancellation system along with an acoustic glass windshield. Related to luxury and comfort, the interior design also suffered changes. The new dashboard shape is now based in a “horizontal flow” design, denominated like this by the maker.

These aesthetical changes also reduced the weight of the car. The front seats were replaced as well by lighter and more comfortable pieces of equipment. In a good attempt of simplifying things, Nissan reduced the switches and buttons from 27 to 11. This decrease in elements allowed the touchscreen to grow up to 8-inch. An updated NissanConnect infotainment software was added, expanding the capabilities of emergency services and other features.


The Bottom Line: The Future of the GT-R

With the arrival of an updated 2017 GT-R, most people are assuming that a new generation is around the corner. An R36 could be a game-changer, just like the actual generation was when it was introduced to the market in 2007. We will have to wait one more year to know the truth about Nissan’s future plans.

Estimated price will be around $105,000.


  1. I loved my Nissan when I had one, it had such a smooth ride and I never drove anything like it. This one looks awesome! I love the color and the interior color is just as great…so unique!