The 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe


The 2017 C63 S Coupe represents a huge improvement from the previous version delivered by AMG. More speed, more efficiency, and more opulence. This German animal is a beautifully-crafted direct rival to the BMW M4, which is killing it in terms on sales. The perpetual battle between the two Aryans carmakers is far away to finish.

In this matter, the 2017 C63 S is another hit from Mercedes-AMG, which aren’t tired of producing gorgeous and powerful vehicles. Lately, on Up and Coming Cars, we have talked about so many Mercedes-Benz and AMG models and we aren’t even close to cover all of them.

Let’s get to know more details about the 2017 C63 S.

Engine and High-End Specs

The 2017 C63 S packs a twin-turbo 4.0 L V8 engine, which is totally capable of producing up to 510 hp and 516 lb-ft of maximum torque. Along this power plant, we find a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, automatic with paddle shifters for manual control. This setup allows to the 2017 C63 S to go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 3.9 seconds, according to the maker.


This real-wheel drive AMG creation can reach a top speed of 180 mph (290 km/h). Big upgrades on engine and overall performance are clear, mostly in comparison with the past C63 AMG Black Series, which featured a bigger, less efficient engine, generating the same amount of horsepower.

The 2017 C63 S feature an electronic limited-slip differential. For the grip capacities, this charming car has 255/35 R19 Michelin premium tires in the front and 285/30 R20 in the rear. Optional, massive carbon ceramic brakes are available as well.

The cabin enjoys a highly effective sound insulation and three-mount dynamic engine mounts, which ensure a smooth ride, even in high speeds. The Race mode available sharps the reflexes and makes the 2017 C63 S an agile beast, gaining seconds on the corners.

Also, the transmission becomes more active and aggressive during this Race mode. Shifts are fasters and gear ratios are aimed to boost performance through acceleration. Both transmission modes are amazing on the track. If you go manual, turbos will make the job easier for you, mostly during linear driving. During automatic shifting seasons, the hostile power plant will unload all the available ponies to the gearbox and push the boundaries further.


For a quick German creature, the 2017 C63 S isn’t exactly lightweight. The 3795 lb (1721 kg) for the EU-standardized version makes it significantly heavier than the BMW M4, its deadly rival.

Opulence and Comfort as Expected


The opulent and dominant design is pretty similar to the past model. According to the maker, few elements remain to that base C63, as the roof, doors, and deck lid. Prolonged hard line from end-to-end gives it the necessary sports profile for the case.

When you talk about a Mercedes-Benz car, is impossible to ignore the luxury, though. The whole idea of the carmaker is that, comfort and lavishness. The 2017 C63 S is a speed devil. Despite this fact, there isn’t the minor lack on comfort when you arrive to the interior.

The interior features a black polished finish on top-notch materials used. The COMAND infotainment system onboard provides a layout of two screens, which are useful for paying attention to multiple operations. The bucket seats are more than appropriate for racing enthusiasts. Opulence is always present on a Mercedes. This isn’t the exception. The cabin design is elegant and highly attractive.

The Bottom Line

There aren’t official announcements about the final price tag, but the specialized media estimates already a price close to US$100.000 with plenty of optional added.

The BMW M4 will not have an easy time with this fierce AMG. German engineering at its best.