The 2017 McLaren 675LT Spider



The 2015 Geneva Motor Show knew how to impress everyone. Dozens of automakers released new and powerful designs coming this year and announcing upcoming ones in future years. McLaren has announced its new supercar, the 2017 675SLT Spider. The 675LT Spider would be the seventh member of the Super Series family, and reinforced with the coupe version of it. Slightly longer than the 650S, enhanced aerodynamically and with a more powerful engine.

The success of the 675LT Spider is imminent, having sold the entire production of 500 examples. The British supercar maker came with this release as a tribute of the past racing cars, drawn on the LT, which means “Longtail”, applied to the famous F1 GTR race cars of 1997. The 2017 675LT is 220 pounds lighter than the 650S Spider, making it faster and with better handling to deliver the most extreme driving experience of any McLaren series-production supercar. The car features a three-piece folding hardtop that retracts at speed up to 19 mph.

Let’s review this British supercar.

Powertrain and Performance


The 2017 675LT Spider packs a redesigned and upgraded version of the award-winning 3.8 L V8 twin-turbocharged, delivering up to 666 hp (25 hp more than the 650S) at 7100 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque (16 lb-ft more than the 650S) at 5000-6000 rpm. Components as turbochargers, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, camshafts, and the fuel pump have been redesigned and upgraded. Paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for a smooth drive and quick shift gear. All the speed combo push the 675LT Spider from standstill to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 124 mph in just 7.9 seconds. The suspension system has been engineered for an even sharper handling.

Design Line and Interior


The 675LT Spider shares a lot of things with its coupe sibling, except for the roof and engine hood. Other features that make the 675LT special are its extended door sills, a smaller intake just under the main engine air intake, and the active Longtail airbrake, which is 50% larger than the 650S Spider’s.

The 675LT includes twin circular exhaust pipes made from titanium, open rear fascia for better heat dissipation, air intakes on the outer edges of the rear bumper, and a carbon-filter rear diffuser. It has two wheel options: a 20-spoke design offered in liquid metal or diamond-cut finishes, and a five-spoke super-lightweight design that first debuted on the coupe model.

The aggressive and sexy stance of this car is amazing. The front has a well-designed futuristic design, exhibiting huge carbon-fiber air intakes with marvelous LED headlights. The silhouette of this car is astonishing and causes a visual impact that doesn’t let stop you from seeing it. The sportiveness in this car in undeniable and its track-use look tells it really want to squish until the last horsepower in the road. From behind, the titanium exhaust pipes are incredibly located, and the rear diffuser with all the overall design of the rear is a piece of art from the British supercars maker.


The interior of the 675LT is identical to the coupe version as well. However, it doesn’t mean that this car doesn’t bring a speed feeling that once inside. You will refuse to get out, actually. The cockpit is sublime and the seats amazing wrapped in Alcantara leather. With velvet almost in anywhere, the only feeling allowed inside is to push that pedal to the bottom and drive like an alpha man.

The Bottom Line for the 675LT

This car has everything a speed maniac could demand. Flawless aesthetic on both interior and exterior, and exhilarating speed, with an exclusivity that a few buyers could have.

Starting price at US$372.600.