The 2017 McLaren 570GT



The Sports Series launched by McLaren a few years ago is still growing, offering more impressive and spectacular supercars. This way, the popular British car maker is getting back its spot in the supercar market, leaded these days by Lamborghini and Ferrari.

But the competition is tough, thou. When it comes about supercars, there is no middle ground. That’s why makers have to do anything in their possibilities to secure the success of their vehicles. Well, McLaren is doing everything, we dare to say. From an “accessible” sports car to a highly exclusive hypercar, all the branches of the supercar concept are being approached by the company.

Now, the 2017 570GT represents the introduction of a Gran Tourer model to the outstanding Sports Series lineup. According to the maker, it will be the most luxurious and comfortable McLaren to date. The big promise here is that users will be capable of giving the supercar a more flexible and practical use in comparison with the other models.

Let’s take a close look to the new 2017 570GT.

Powerplant and Specs


The 2017 570GT is widely based on the 570S Coupe supercar. So, the changes in mechanical terms are going to be really limited. This Gran Tourer will feature a twin-turbocharged 3.8 L V8, generating up to 562 hp and 443 lb-ft of maximum torque. Along with this powerplant, we are going to find a dual-clutch automatic transaxle gearbox, sending all the power to the rear wheels.

The brake discs came from the 570S Coupe’s carbon-ceramic presentation to iron. These and many other obvious changes (in order to convert the 570S Coupe in a Gran Tourer) makes the 570GT heavier. 82 lb heavier, exactly.

Performance numbers are almost the same. The acceleration from standstill to 60 mph is rated at 3.4 seconds, being two-tenths slower. The top speed is rated at 204 mph, which is the same of the base model.

Users will enjoy upgrades in terms of suspension and handling. The spring rates have been reduced by 15 percent at the front end and 10 at the rear, for example. The steering, on the other hand, is smoother at high speeds.

Comfort and Luxury by McLaren


Increasing the practicability and making the 2017 570GT required changes. Real changes. At the rear, we notice the modifications to the glass hatchback, all in order to maximize the cargo space and add a second luggage compartment, just behind the seats.

The exterior form, despite the mentioned above, remains the same. The aggressive front fascia with all its curves. The massive thin-spoke wheels and the colossal air intakes are seen from a side. The rear end show off the major modifications of the Gran Tourer presentation, being the new glass framed with a carbon-fiber structure.


Inside the cabin, everything is proper for a long and comfortable ride. Almost every surface in the interior is covered with top-notch Nappa leather. Also, the glass roof features a fancy leather headliner. The central console features a big touchscreen for the infotainment command. The whole environment is full of fine detailing. But as a proper Gran Tourer, the 2017 570GT features more convenience items, which ones will be presented at the upcoming 2016 Geneva Auto Show.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 570GT represents the first proper Gran Tourer in the Sports Series lineup, allowing users to expand their possibilities. McLaren already thinks that this could be their most popular vehicle during the actual generation. We don’t doubt it.

The price tag is going to be US$201.450, similar to the one on the 570S Coupe as well.