The 2017 Lotus Evora Sport 410



We just said it a while ago, Lotus is doing the necessary to make its business profitable again. The attempts of this British company to hit the market with forcefulness aren’t in vain. Last year, we enjoyed a lot the debut of the revamped Evora 400, a sexy, compact sports car.

Now, a new amazing attempt is here and it’s named as the Evora Sport 410. In the sweet eve of the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, Lotus decided to announce an aggressive limited edition of the terribly sexy Evora 400. Also, this model will be aimed mainly to the US market, often forgotten by this car maker.

We are going to see changes and improvements in several aspects of the car, from the powerplant to the visuals. But unfortunately, when Lotus talks about a limited production, they really mean it. Only 150 units of this beautiful model will be produced. A shame.

Let’s take a further look of this little beast.

A Small Powerhouse


The 2017 Evora Sport 410 will pack a supercharged 3.5 L V6 delivered by Toyota. This powerplant will be capable of producing up to 410 horsepower. As you can imagine already, the name comes from its power output. On the other hand, peak torque is rated at 302 lb-ft, the same offered by the base Evora 400. Along with this powerplant, the 2017 Evora Sport 410 offers either a 6-speed manual or an automatic one, totally up to you.

Another big changes for this exclusive sports car is going to be the weight cut from the already-light Evora 400. 154 pounds disappear to allow the Evora Sport 410 to weight 2921 lb for the manual transmission version and 2948 for the automatic one. This improvement comes from a heavy use of carbon-fiber within the whole body, which includes rear quarter-window panels, front splitter, rear diffuser, rear liftgate, and roof panel. Also, lightweight 10-spoke wheels are used

In terms of suspension, the 2017 Evora Sport 410 enjoys from a totally enhanced and recently-tuned hardware, making the car 0.2-inch lower. Lotus is also offering Michelin Cup 2 tires as optional. The whole setup, according to the maker, allows this compact monster to go from standstill to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds with the manual gearbox onboard, and 4.1 with the automatic one.

Athletic Form and Limited Comfort


The 2017 Evora Sport 410 is clearly based on the Evora 400, but the visual improvements are clear. This exclusive model wants to be your wife’s hot sister (in the case you own an Evora 400). The detailing is sexy and athletic, while every line of the base model is used and exploited properly. If we are totally sincere and honest, we can say at loud that the Evora 400 is truly hard to improve physically. At Up and Coming Cars, we dare to say that it is one of the best inventions made by Lotus in a while.


Inside the cabin, the weight cutting progress was tough. The rear seats are gone. The same for the door armrests and map pockets, while the door are now using one-piece panels. You now they are serious when they make optional things like air conditioner and sound system. Also, users will have to pay extra for the nav platform along with the touchscreen and a backup camera. The sports bucket seats made of carbon-fiber comes with microsuede upholstery, but leather is available as well.

The Bottom Line

As expected from a debut closer to the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, the 2017 Evora Sport 410 doesn’t have an official price tag yet, but do not expect anything below US$90.000, taking in consideration the Evora 400 pricing.