The 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200



Who doesn’t like a hot hatch? Let’s rephrase that question. Who doesn’t like a Fiesta with an ST badge on it? We know exactly what it means. It means power in a small jar. It means excitement and entertaining for a cheap price, accessible to everyone.

But the ST200 represents something else. It is going to be the most powerful Fiesta ever in the history of Ford. What to expect, then? Well, this new model is all about more power, more acceleration, and more fun. If you are in the modern drifting, compact hatch trend, you are going to love this one.

With this new launch, Ford may be remembering the old, successful strategy of offering powerful, agile cars for everyone. If they are compact and doesn’t consume gas like crazy, better it gets.

Let’s check out all the known features of this compact powerhouse.

Drivetrain and Specs


The 2017 Fiesta ST200 will pack the exact same 1.6 L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine in the base model. The thing is that it will feature a new tuning in order to get a 10 percent boost in horsepower and 20 percent in torque generated when we compare it with the base Fiesta. So, in numbers, the ST200 is going to produce up to 197 hp and 217 lb-ft of peak torque. Also, this amazing powerplant will offer a 15-second OverBoost feature, increasing the power output significantly, adding 15 hp and 22 lb-ft.

The transmission suffered several changes in order to enhance the experience. The final drive ratio goes down from 3.82 to 4.06. The overall performance, according to the car maker, is going to impress us. The acceleration is rated at 6.7 seconds from zero to 60 mph. The top speed is going to be 143 mph.

We will assume that suspension and steering are going to experience some interesting changes as well. In those matters, the 2017 Fiesta ST200 remains a mystery but Ford seems to be a little bit ambitious with this one. We bet for it.

Design, Looks, and Equipment


Yes, it still seems like a proper Fiesta. Actually, that’s an advantage. These days, the Fiesta has been one of the most successful and best-selling hatchbacks all around the world, both for pretty basic versions to the well-equipped ones. Who doesn’t love getting a hardcore driving experience without breaking the bank?

But, what we are getting with the new 2017 Fiesta ST200? We already know some things. The two-door hot hatch seems intimidating at any flank. At the front fascia, the black-finish honeycomb grille seems huge, while the headlights are slimmer than ever.

From a side, we notice that this Fiesta is no child’s play. Its compact body seems to be extremely agile, besides sexy as hell. The black matte 5-spoke wheels don’t make a great job hiding the red calipers. The whole body is going to enjoy a Storm Grey paint job while the ST200 badges will be abundant. The rear end is outstanding as well. The twin exhaust pipes will feature a chrome finish, located on the right side, along with the black and gray diffuser.


Once in the cabin, the Recaro bucket sports seats are going to attract our attention. They will sport a leather upholstery with beautiful silver stitching, making clear the difference of the 2017 Fiesta ST200 with the base model. The central console with concentrate all the instruments, as always. The steering wheel could be more aggressive to suit the occasion, but Ford keeps it conservative.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 Fiesta ST200 is an amusing hot hatch to pay attention. A small engine providing big numbers is what we like to hear. How it looks is always a pleasure. But this is a special occasion.

The price is about to be announced.