The 2017 Aston Martin DB11



After so many years delighting us, Aston Martin decided to eliminate the all-mighty and capable DB9 from its lineup. As we comment on the DB9 GT overview a few weeks ago, it was truly a shame but it wasn’t in vain.

The 2017 DB11 represents the proper and deserved DB9 replacement, wisely created by the British car maker who could consider itself in its prime. While physically it seems quite similar to old models with an amazing grade of modernization, this new addition to the lineup comes with a lot of new features, fortunately.

While a great part of the specialized media is still mourning the disappearance of the magnificent DB9 and the epic naturally-aspirated V12 manufactured by Ford, the truth is that the new powerplant is quite an achievement for the company. It comes with a serious upgrade in terms of power and we hope to see that reflected in a braver performance.

Powerplant and Specs


The new 2017 DB11 packs a twin-turbocharged 5.2 L V12 powerplant produces up to 600 hp and 516 lb-ft. This represents a 60-hp upgrade from the DB9 GT manufactured last year. But the real novelty about this engine is its capabilities for cylinder deactivation. Aston Martin ensures us that the way it was constructed, this powerplant will be totally lag-free and will provide a cylinder deactivation process like no one out there. The engine will transform into a 2.6 L inline-six without a dramatic transition.

In terms of transmission, the 2017 DB11 gets a ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox, which is the exact same we found on the Vanquish. The big difference is that this new model will be sending all the power to the rear wheels along with the help of a torque-vectoring differential.

The suspension is another strong point of this new supercar. The suspension is premiering a multilink rear layout along with an electrically-assisted power steering, which is a first-timer for the car maker.

Design, Looks, and Refreshed Interior


If you think the 2017 DB11 looks way too similar to the outgoing DB9, you are doing exactly what Aston Martin fears. But they did what they have to in order to create a brand new car. Starting from the structure, this innovative supercar features an aluminum structure which will represent a great advancement for the company. Body panels are made of aluminum as well.

In dimensions, we get similar numbers to the ones of the old DB9. But the truth is that here everything is bigger. The 2017 DB11 will be longer, higher, and wider. Despite this, it is 33 lb lighter, at 3902 lb total for the curb weight. The aerodynamics here are a big thing, as expected. The AeroBlade is the new technology developed by Aston Martin, which creates a smart air flow through the structure of the car, working along with the small active spoiler in the rear end.


The interior of the DB11 feels refreshed, which is such a relief. The DB9 suffered serious problems with its old interior design and the media constantly criticized it. But now, Aston Martin took the necessary notes and made a whole new cabin for this model.

Let’s start with the cockpit space. The 2017 DB11 do offer usable rear seats and a spacious front area. All the instruments are brand new and make us think in a Mercedes. The 8-inch touchscreen on top of the center console is a positive change, following the current trends within the automotive industry. The premium 1000-watt Bang & Olufsen audio system is a nice touch, along with the other convenience items.

The Bottom Line

According to the British carmaker, the 2017 DB11 is the most important announcement of their history. While the numbers in the past didn’t be that positive in terms of sales, this new supercar is planned to be the new success for the brand.

The starting price is $214,820.