The 2016 Nissan Pulsar Nismo



Nissan is a company used to success. Every single model that has been launched in the market has been highly successful. Those goals were achieved by its exceptional taste in design, outstanding performance, incredible build quality, and top-notch materials. Nissan is another Japanese maker that approach the durability like no one. Has always been quite normal for this eastern culture to deliver an outstanding product, with excellent durability and quality.

Now Nissan has put all the meat on the grille with a revamped edition of a Pulsar (a compact car produced between 1978 and 2005). The Pulsar did its first reborn step in 2013. Now with a hatchback body style, an aggressive rear, attractive front bumper, large air intakes along with the sporty wheels, and center-mounted dual exhaust outlets, is the road to take by Nissan.

The Pulsar hatch has been another victim on Nismo. Nissan and Nismo are specialists in creating performance, aesthetic, and agile beasts. The Pulsar Nismo is based on its already successful sibling, this time, equipped with a low-riding body kit and bigger and cooler wheels, intended to deliver a sporty performance.

Let’s review this Japanese hot hatch.

Performance and Drivetrain


The performance is intended to compete in the fast and furious performance compact segment, ruled by the Focus ST and the Golf GTi. For that, Nissan and Nismo needed to put all the efforts to create a sexy hot hatch with an incredible handling. In the U.S. market it will feature a turbo 1.8 L engine, delivering up to 247 hp, having more power than the Focus ST and putting it near to the Leon Cupra. In Europe, some variants will be offered because the 1.8L won’t be available there. A 1.2 L DIG-T with 115 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque, and a 1.6 L DIG-T with 190 horsepower shared with the Qashqai and Juke are the selected to be sold in Europe. Few engine details have been revealed for the 1.8L. But according to the maker, the 1.6 L DIG-T can go from standstill to 60 mph in just 7.7 seconds.

Every model will be paired with an XTRONIC six-speed manual transmission gearbox while an automatic gearbox already in development.

Design Line and Interior


The 2016 Pulsar Nismo is exactly as the base Pulsar with the lowest height close to the center of gravity on the floor and improving the handling and the aesthetic look. Also, a body kit was implemented on it, effectively creating a sporty, aggressive stance. The front bumper is quite sexy with its huge air intakes underneath the LED foglights and the red accent just and the end of the bumper. The grille is following the current trends of Nissan while the LED headlight has an elongated square shape. The bulky hood is amazing and the side panels have smooth and simple lines that highlighted the sexy alloy wheels.

The rear is probably the most visually striking thing about the car with the carbon fiber spoiler, carbon fiber air intakes along with the twin center-mounted exhaust tips, the red accent at the end of the bumper and beneath the exhaust top.

The interior is simple, but with Alcantara-lined sports steering wheel and the Alcantara gearstick is an accepted move for athletic purposes. There are carbon fiber accents in air vents and in several strategic spots. The Recaro bucket seats are fitted properly in the car, making it comfortable and allowing a lot of space inside the cockpit.


The Bottom Line

The 2016 Pulsar Nismo is a competitor to take seriously anytime soon of this year, with a decent performance and sexy exterior and interior as well. It’s probably the next successful hot hatch by Nissan.

Starting price US$33.000.