The 2016 McLaren P1 GTR



In order to deliver a unique experience to an exclusive group of customers, McLaren is now offering the insanely 2016 P1 GTR, a track-focused version of the popular hypercar. This monster is exclusively created to hit the track, being illegal to drive on the streets. Expect a hardcore upgrade from the base model in almost every aspect available to modify and enhance.

Also, McLaren put on the table the P1 GTR Driver Program, a service just like the ones offered by other notorious GTR vehicles sold to individuals as racing enthusiasts. Besides, changes are noticeable. Physically, we see how the design got further the optimum aerodynamic form of the original P1. The British supercar maker has plenty of experience building track beast, so we are sure that this model isn’t going to disappoint anyone.

Let’s take a further look of the highly exclusive 2016 P1 GTR.

Drivetrain and Specs


Just like the legendary McLaren F1 GTR, the 2016 P1 GTR is taking a stock hypercar and making it totally suitable for high-end track sessions. In this case, the P1 GTR packs the same twin turbo 3.8 L V8 powerplant onboard on the base model. Plus, it gets the electric motor as well. The total power output is rated at monstrous 986 horsepower.

Everything from suspension to steering gets the proper optimization and tuning, making it suitable for the final purpose. It will feature a 7-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission, the same on the base P1. But, this one will count with several modifications in order to get shorter, faster shifts. A bigger radiator is found at the revamped front fascia. This change was necessary to achieve a proper cooling process that would be a match for the model.

In numbers, we see that the 2016 P1 GTR features an insane acceleration. It takes 2.4 seconds to go beyond the 60 mph mark. The top speed is estimated at 225 mph (362 km/h). The upgrade in terms of speed was mainly because the vast array of modification in aerodynamics and the countless mechanical tweaks.

Insane Design Aimed to Fly


Years ago when the original P1 was unveiled, everybody was declaring love for the extreme design. The curvy hypercar featured a unique form, never seen by the industry. Now, it gets better with this update.

The countless curves start at the front fascia, which also features a modified splitter and front bumper as a few of the immediate changes perceived. Plenty of carbon fiber is being employed right here. Then, side panels suffered significant modifications, with both curvier lines and angles to get improved cooling and aerodynamics. In the meanwhile, the beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels don’t weight a thing.

At the rear fascia, McLaren decided to get things further, elimination decorative elements proper of the base P1 and leaving the internal mechanism totally exposed. The twin, round exhaust pipes are right in the middle, intimidating like the ones of a jet fighter. Above, a colossal rear wing cuts air like a blade and create massive amounts of downforce. This version improves the amazing aerodynamics of the base P1, taking performance above expectations.


The cutting-edge MonoCage chassis weights no more than 200 lb (90 kg), representing a feat. In the interior, it gets more interesting. The steering wheel mounted on this model was inspired in the one on the single-seater McLaren MP4-23 F1 race car. Most commands are accessible through the buttons on it, even with gloves on. That includes driving modes. Oddly, the HVAC is still onboard.

The Bottom Line

By now, most of the 2016 P1 GTR that are going to exists, are already owned by someone. Also, notice that this hypercar for the track is exclusive for P1 owners.

The price tag is around US$3.350.000.