The 2016 McLaren Can-Am 650S



Back in the mid-60s and early 70s, we remind watching how was born one of the most famous motorsport categories of all times, the “Can-Am”, also known as the Canadian-American Challenge Cup. Known it for its ridiculous, not restriction, and not regulations position.

The imagination of designers, engineers, and pilots, let them dream about and innovate the car history forever. In that time, no minimum weight and no engine restriction, plus aerodynamics liberty to excel, made the Can-Am cars weighed less than 800 kg and produced more that 900 hp, which is pretty similar with F1 single-seaters on these days.

McLaren this time, has prepared a special edition of the impressive 650S to commemorate those gold years of race cars in the McLaren’s 50th anniversary in the inaugural year of the Canadian American Challenge Cup (Can-Am). Founder, Bruce McLaren, was highly dedicated with that competition, even the Can-Am cost him his life, testing a new car called ‘M8D’ in 1970.

In tribute to those legendary Can-Am race cars, McLaren has developed a 650S with a special design and exclusive production count. The 650S will be offered either open-top or spider shape, and featuring the first carbon filter retractable hardtop of the company.

The engine remains the same used in the 650S standard, with the awarded twin-turbo 3.8 L V8. The curious fact is that of this model there is only going to be 50 units produced, and they are coming to be launched next spring.

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Let’s review this awesome model.

Powertrain and Performance


A mid-mounted M838T engine powers up this beast. It’s a 3.8 L twin-turbo V8 producing up to 641 hp at 7100 rpm and 500 lb-ft of torque at 5500 rpm, able to launching you from standstill to 60 mph in just 3 seconds and with a top speed rated at 204 mph. Paired with a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, it offers a choice of automatic, semi-automatic or entirely manual control sent to the rear wheels. Doesn’t matter which mode the driver choose, the driver is able to make gear changes on the steering-wheel-mounted rocker-shift.

The braking in the 2016 650S Can-Am is excellent. Stopping power from 62 mph to 0 calculated in just 30.7 meters and from 124 mph to 0 in 124 meters. The suspension is powered by with a McLaren Proactive Chassis Control double-wishbone independent suspension. Modes as Damping & Roll, Normal, Sport, and Track are standard on the 650S.

Design Line and Interior


The body panels and almost every aesthetics part are identical to the standard 650S. The Can-Am model has a lot of carbon fiber, mostly found on the hood, front splitter, rear bumper, door blades, sills and spoiler/air brake. Other new features include quad stainless steel tailpipes, black wheels with brushed rims and an available Racing package.

McLaren will offer three colors options: Mars Red (inspired by the M1B raced by Bruce McLaren), a Papaya Spark, and an Onyx Black. Alcantara leather will upholster the sports seats found in the 2016 650s Can-Am, combined with the exterior and as well as the exterior. The interior earns plenty of carbon fiber elements as well.


The racing, sexy, and aggressive form of this car is incredible. It connotes a really confident attitude with all-new McLaren’s sharp and curve-full sports car ready to pick up some ladies with the roof down.

The Bottom Line

Plenty of money is not enough to buy this British beauty. There is a limit of 50 unit and customers must join the long queue. An already excellent car was enhanced, in this occasion to commemorate one of the most successful times in Can-Am’s history by McLaren, blending beauty, aggressiveness, and sportiness.

Starting price at US$338.600.


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