The 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed



The 2016 Continental GT Speed is right here. Directly from Great Britain, Bentley has sent their new brand-new sport supercar, making us agape with his distinctive, royal elegance and sport look, something difficult to make with Bentley.

This year has been awesome for the high-end super sports cars, and Bentley has developed an incredible car that surely can make us feel like the king of the road. This release has everything: astonishing performance, tuned chassis, exterior refinements and a lavish interior, capable of competing in possibly the best category of cars: performance coupes and convertibles.

Let’s review this astonishing car.

Flawless Performance

The Continental line was aimed for the UK market initially, but it is widely known all around the world. Goal achieving, combining high-end quality material, excellent performance, cutting-edge technology and probably one’s of the most beautiful and iconic aesthetic in the industry.


Acknowledging that performance in this car is also its higher point, in this occasion Bentley has made a car that can produce 626 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 607 pound-feet of torque at 1700 RPM, thanks to a 6.0L twin turbo V-12, launching you from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 4 seconds, with a max speed located in 206 mph.

Weighting between 5100 and 5200 lb, is a heavy car that can handle it flawlessly, due the incredible engine packed with no lack of luxury and comfort. This is possible through an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox transmission with block shifting.

Bentley can incorporate an ”Extended Sports Specification” kit, whose cost is US$19.180. These specs talk by themselves, being the 2016 Continental GT Speed the fastest car ever built by Bentley. What else could someone want? You got speed, luxury and wealth, only for a few with a wide budget and desire to have this supercar.

Classic but Refined Design


Bentley is well known by his classic design. For some, the car looks old and it’s getting a little outdated, but it’s a Bentley. His classy look is still being incredible and top in the automotive industry. Bentley has developed fame, not for redesign every 3-5 years, otherwise to maintain a legacy that remains year by year.

The 2016 Continental GT Speed has a supremely confident presence. Is a clear sign of wealth and power, and this is easily noticeable with the usual design of every Bentley. We get redesigned front and rear spoiler, a new front bumper with a slightly smaller radiator and more opulence fenders, said by Bentley ”assertive stance”, chrome fender badges, and lots of features that evoke the Continental essence.


Interior has been redesigned too. Not too much but there are changes, incorporating stitching pattern in the seats, LED illumination, new dials and graphics on the instrument panel and for your gadgets, additional USB ports. Even has an onboard Wi-Fi connectivity for US$1.330.

Premium leather seats as usual and a unique ”small -diamond” pattern to the seats. Bentley offers extra features for US$3.200, including outfitting with super soft semi-aniline leather.

The Bottom Line

Summing up everything told before, 2016 Continental GT Speed looks like one of the best sports cars out there. The performance coupes and convertibles section are rude and highly competitive, with plenty of options, and depends on the customer taste, style and needs.

Fastest options are available, but if your intention is to reflect an image of a stylish guy who likes comfort, speed and aesthetic, this is your shot. Probably for his versatility as car and brand, you’ll be the next spotlight wherever you go.

The price starts at US$214.425. Bulky banks accounts are also recommended.