The 2016 Aston Martin RapidE Concept



The British supercars automaker just released a new product. The 2016 RapidE Concept, which name has been selected for the sedan produced by Lagonda, a brand that now belongs to Aston Martin. For a long time ago, rumours about an all-electric sedan has been around. Now they are a reality confirmed, officially unveiled in London.

The future is happening and that future are hybrid cars and all-electric ones. Some time ago, people underestimate the potential of a hybrid car and weren’t entirely their fault. But now, this decade was the proof that the hybrid cars are the future. With a lot of power and efficiency, some cars even feature a range of about 500 miles.

Now, Aston Martin has used the success of the Rapide S, incorporating the same aesthetic for the 2016 RapidE Concept, delivering the same beauty and elegance that we are used. Using that successful petrol engine model, with an electric motor, was a risky bet, but the result of it is authentic sexiness (with tons of horsepower). Also, Aston Martin wants to get rid of that reputation of the hybrid cars, suppose to be sluggish and really boring.

The highlight here is the motor 100% powered electrically, developed with Williams Advanced Engineering. Anytime soon, 400 units of the 2016 RapidE Concept will be built annually. Also, the new 100% electric car is intended to be available in two versions: a quiet and comfortable model and a faster and more aggressive one, all to compete with the Tesla Model S P90D.

Let’s review this amazing electric car.

Powertrain and Performance


The 2016 RapidE Concept will be feed up with an all-electric motor of 550 hp sent to the rear axle and with a range of 200 miles. A second option will be available, the same mentioned but with another electric motor in the front wheels. The two motors blended will produce up around 800-1000 hp. The two-motor car will be the enemy of the Tesla S P85D.

Design Line and Interior


From the exterior, it is aesthetically is identical to the V12-powered beast Rapide S. The difference between them are basically that the RapideE Concept will have blue dotted decals on the doors, hood, and roof. A new badge on the trunk lid will be found as well, with a “RapidE” on it. Carbon caps on the mirrors and the ten-spoke wheels are also included. Finally, Williams Advance Engineering lettering will be on the front fenders on this 4-doors sedan.

Like his petrol-engined twin brother, the 2016 RapidE Concept, inherit the incredible elegance and sexy silhouette that deviate from the competition. A beautiful sedan plagued with top-notch materials, features, and aesthetical commitment as a few.

The interior is not exposed yet, but probably it will have the same from the standard petrol model. Things like bespoke instrument cluster displaying useful and essential drivetrain information adapted to an electric structure such as battery level, status, temperature. An upgraded infotainment system is expected with a custom twin-screen rear-seat entertainment system. Badges with RapidE logos and badges would be spread all over the interior as well.


The Bottom Line

The RapidE Concept is following the step of others big and prestigious luxury supercar makers. In this time with a 100% electric-operated drivetrain, something is sure: it will have an undoubted success in some markets urged by electric alternatives, just thanks by solely the famous, prestigious, and luxurious spirit that Aston Martin brings to every masterpiece it creates.

Starting price around US$200.000 and US$300.000.