The 2016 Aston Martin Letv Rapide S Concept



Innovation is thinking outside of the box, and those who materialize these thoughts into reality, are those who win in the seeking of success. Aston Martin has an incredible fame thanks to its unique bespoke products, intended to deliver a masterpiece of engineering while being opulent and high-performance cars.

This time, the Letv Rapide S Concept arrived to get rid of the flanks that the supercars maker has been suffering for a while, and is not a secret that Aston Martin has been struggling with the lack of innovation regarding ergonomics and cutting-edge system on its cars. And that’s exactly what the most impressive quality is of this successful company: Aston Martin doesn’t let the competence eat it.

The reply to this shortage? The application of the most technological and advanced features of the market in one of its most impressive, sexy, and interesting cars in the market. The Rapide S is the base model to experiment with, and the collaboration of Letv (a Chinese entertainment technology company) ended up perfecting this masterpiece by Aston Martin.

How they made this? Including a proof and a guarantee of success implemented in the Tesla already. Replacing the center stack and the traditional instrument panel with electronic panels. Also, the car is equipped with an in-car Wi-Fi system, and an Autolink system, which is a platform for automotive internet application. The results of this is a cloud access and monitoring through the Wi-Fi in-car system.

Let’s review this incredible car.

Powertrain and Performance


Both brands were agreed that touches in the drivetrain and performance of the car were quite unnecessary. And it’s a well-addressed decision towards the successful V12 heart of this beast. A 6.0L V12 engine remains the same on it, producing up to 552 hp at 675 0rpm and 457 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm. The whole setup is completed with an eight-speed drive-by-wire transmission, capable of launching the 2016 Letv Rapide S Concept from standstill to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 200 mph. The suspension will use double wishbones at all four wheels, adjustable through a range of three models.

Design Line and Interior


With the beauty already established by the Rapide S, touching the exterior was also unnecessary at the moment. They are right: the car has an incredible aesthetic beauty, and it’s one of the most desirable super sports sedans in the market. This 4-doors car inherits the fantastic silhouette and the opulent and aggressive stance of the Rapide S without any visible alteration. With a massive grille with elongated horizontal LED headlights, a large and prominent hood, and the side panels this car looks aggressive, bulky, and prestigious. The rear has the emblematic stop lights and the small spoiler in the trunk, showing the trends in design by Aston Martin.

The interior suffers a revamped design, with the incorporation of two giants screen. One of them delivers through a 12.2-inch screen useful information for the driver, such as speed, temperature, petrol level, RPMs and more, with tons of customizable features, depending on the driver’s preferences, including different styles and layouts. The biggest screen is installed in the center stack with a 13.3-inch high-definition touchscreen. This reflects a huge improvement in innovation and cutting-edge features, getting rid of all the traditional gauges or a center stack, a movement already made by Tesla.

The Bottom Line for the Letv Rapide S

The extraordinary Letv Rapide S now gets a refreshed interior, with top-notch materials. Now the cutting-edge screen will simplify the driver’s and passenger’s experience inside the car with the convenience of aesthetic screens.

Starting price at US$250.000.