The 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven


2016 3-Eleven LOTUS_3_ELEVEN_FRONT

The British manufacturer is making a big bet here. The new 3-Eleven could be its most aggressive model so far. According to the maker, the 2016 3-Eleven is the fastest production Lotus road car ever made. Of course, the word “production” could be ambiguous, due to the limited number of units that they are going to produce.

Anyways, the 2016 3-Eleven is the most interesting model of the maker in the last few years. Lightweight, insanely fast and race-inspired, this car could be the next toy for many. But it will come with a price according to the specs.

Let’s know a few details about it.

Going Beast Mode about the Weight

2016 3-Eleven LOTUS_3_ELEVEN_REAR

The main attractive of the 3-Eleven could be its weight. The Race variant weighs less than 1984 lb (900 kg). Its insanely low weight allows this car to achieve really high speeds on the track. But there is nothing useful with low weights when there aren’t powerful engines in between.

In this matter, the 2016 3-Eleven packs the supercharged 3.5 L V6 engine originally made for the Evora 400, but it features some tweaks to make it even better. Today, on this setup, produces 450 hp. With the features of the Race version of the car, it goes from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 3 seconds. The estimated top speed is 180 mph (289 km/h).

For Lotus Motorsport, the team behind the entire design of this model, handling and power are as important as the weight. The body kit was designed and made from scratch to create a lightweight composite-built body with innovative technologies added.

2016 3-Eleven LOTUS_3_ELEVEN_SIDE

The violent stance and determination to excel on track comes from the focus on handling and making quick corners. For this, the 2016 3-Eleven form were smartly and cold designed with aerodynamic and extreme lightweight intentions. Cutting the air and going further after every corner is one of the priorities.

Body kit and many parts are made of an special technology based on composite and resin material, reaching new levels of lightweight. Aluminum wheels comes with all the versions available. And when it’s about of stopping, the 2016 3-Eleven features AP Racing four-pot calipers with Bosch ABS. The tires will be produced by Michelin.

Road and Race Variants

The 2016 3-Eleven will come in two different variants, the Road version and the Race version. The Road variant will be more subtle and friendly. It will feature a six-speed manual transmission and Torsen limited slip. In the other hand, the Race version will have some pro-level specs and toys.


Among plenty of big-boy toys, there is an FIA-approved-and-certified seat with six-point harness, professional data logger of track performance, paddle-shifted six-speed sequential transmission, an oil cooler system, and many other high-performance tools that will greatly improve, for sure, the driving experience for anybody.

The 3-Eleven’s interior is totally racing-inspired. Steering wheel, seat, and instruments are extremely basic and elementary, discarding any extra weight. Lotus keep it simple, having in mind a professional cockpit as inspiration. The instruments are a few buttons and a TFT screen in front of the driver, passing the steering wheel.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 3-Eleven was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, implying its intentions.

Lotus Motorsport, it’s aiming to achieve an epic 7:09 on the infamous “Green Hell”, better known as Nurburgring. Lately, this litter beast has been tested on this same track for a few week. There aren’t official comments about it.

Production will be limited to 311 units in total, starting shipping in April 2016. Has a price tag of US$82.000 for the Road variant and US$115.200 approximately for the fully-equipped Race version.