The 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder



Have you ever heard about a cheap hypercar? It’s a really relative matter, you see. Among the hypercar lineup, where the McLaren P1 and the LaFerrari play around, an exaggerated price tag isn’t mandatory. The 2015 918 Spyder is a proof of it.

This hypercar developed by Porsche packs the cutting-edge tech and enough power to be considered as such. It has been proven by endless experts in the automotive matter and everyone agrees: this is a worthy high-end sports car.

If feels agile, powerful, and capable of all kind of achievements on the track. This way, the 2015 918 Spyder won a place among the best, highly-exclusive in the world. Also, it became the material proof that having a hypercar doesn’t require a 7-figure cashout.

Let’s take a closer look at the 2016 918 Spyder features.

Powertrain and Specs


The 2015 918 Spyder is a hybrid hypercar, so we will have onboard an interesting powertrain setup. The naturally aspirated 4.6 L V8 powerplant produces up to 599 hp at 8700 rpm and a peak torque of 398 lb-ft at 9700 rpm. Then, two electric motors will complete the setup, being each one installed on each axle. When the total power output is rated, the 918 Spyder gets 875 hp and 944 lb-ft. In terms of transmission, this hypercar gets a 7-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission along with an electronically-controlled limited-slip differential.

The lithium-ion battery with 6.8kWh of capacity will be located between the engine and the passenger cell, which is made of carbon-fiber. Something interesting to notice is that this battery can be charged in two ways; with the plug-in standard method and through a regenerative braking process.


Several driving modes are available to energize the driving experience and adapt the drivetrain to the scenario. These are E-Power, Hybrid, Sport, Race Hybrid, and Hot Lap. Each one of this will make a different use of the energy reserves, so the drivers should be careful.

When the 2015 918 Spyder makes work its all-wheel-drive layout along with the huge amount of torque generated, performance blow off the charts. We get an acceleration rated from standstill to 60 mph in less than 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 214 mph. There is not lack of speed here.

The feeling on the track is spectacular. The 918 Spyder features an outstanding handling and firm, stable ride. The steering provides plenty of feedback and the technology onboard doesn’t make this hypercar too complicated to drive.

Design and Equipment


When we see the 2015 918 Spyder, we can’t stop remembering the legendary Carrera GT. Just like before, Porsche is making a statement about hypercars’ designing and style. This particular model is a masterclass itself of how it has to be done.

The front fascia reminds us all the time that it is a genuine Porsche, despite the hybrid setup. But, as expected, it features a higher grade of sophistication and class. From a side, we see the massive air intakes that feed and cool down the outstanding powerplant placed at the rear end. The wheels have a unique, never-seen design that we appreciate.


But in the rear, is where we see the entire proof of intellect and creativity hold by the Porsche’s team. The LED taillights are totally avant-garde, just like the delicate spoiler found on top. Below we found two air outlets for the heat to circulate properly. Curiously, the massive exhaust outlets are located right at the back of the passengers’ headrests. Be careful.

Inside the cabin, the design is more shy and conservative. Maybe this is the most ordinary element of the whole 918 Spyder. The hypercar gets all the convenience items like the air conditioner, navigation, and the infotainment platform. The center console delivers a cutting-edge experience with a command center, where the driver can take advantage of a touchscreen to take decisions on several matters.

The Bottom Line

The 2015 918 Spyder is one of the most impressive and astonishing hypercar ever built. Unfortunately, it hadn’t a long run. Don’t think it was because crappy sells. It was only a Porsche’s decision based on aspects unrelated to sales and popularity.

The starting price was around US$847.975.