The 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari



In the pinnacle of supercars, on the higher positions, Ferrari is on top. Among others supercar makers, Ferrari just raised the bar of supercars, creating a new segment of exotic vehicles. In this release, LaFerrari, which name is kind of odd if you translate it because it is something like “The Ferrari”. Said by the maker, it is the ultimate and the purest essence of Ferrari. This is a unique concept from the Italian maker and it is limited to only 499 units while it’s the first street-legal gasoline-electric hybrid high-profile sports car. This model was officially unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show and immediately left a lot of people impressed with its uniqueness.

An interesting fact about this supercar is that Pininfarina, the Italian design firm, didn’t participate in the design, making it the first Ferrari since the Bartone-styled 1973 Dino 308 GT4 to not have the Pininfarina’s style touch. This two-door Berlinetta is aerodynamic as few, while the design was developed in a wind tunnel used to design Formula 1 cars. This represents the huge efforts from Ferrari’s engineers to deliver one of the most beautiful models in recent years.

To this masterpiece is not enough being probably one of the most beautiful cars of Ferrari, or the most aerodynamic. It has to be the fastest as well, and it is fast, agile, and powerful from guts.

Let’s review this Italian exotic car.

Powertrain and Italian Guts


LaFerrari 2015 was built with two engines as the first mild hybrid from Ferrari. A mid-rear mounted Ferrari F140 65ยบ V12 with a 6.3 L capacity is able to produce up to 789 hp at 9000 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque at 6750 rpm. Also, the main petrol engine is supplemented by a 161 hp KERS unit (called HY-KERS), providing a short burst of extra power. This system helps the combustion engine for a combined output of 950 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. The powertrain is complete with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends the power to the rear axle for a rear-wheel drive.

The massive output is the highest power output of any Ferrari, and with a fuel consumption’s decrease of 40 percent, thanks to the hybrid system. Plenty of horsepowers and a weight around 3495 lb allows the car to goes from standstill to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, and a top speed at 218 mph.

Design Line and Interior


The exterior of the car is like its name translated into English. Yes, it is the Ferrari. Beautiful, exotic, and impossible to not staring at it for long periods of time. We are used to Pininfarina’s designs, but we aren’t going to miss it. This car is the true and pure example of perfection materialized into an exotic vehicle. Aerodynamics were completely destroyed with this design without engaging any aesthetic strict form. It’s full of exquisite curves and tons of asymmetric forms and perfect panels.

The cockpit is just as impressive as the exterior, accessing via doors that swing upwards. Once inside, the presence of an F1 theme is evident. The steering wheel, the room in the cockpit, and the several racing features makes you feel close to driving an F1 single-seater as possible. The center console is fill up with knobs to control features as climate control. The dash screen is a massive 12.3-inch, providing all the information needed for a proper track use. The seats were incredibly well designed, in aesthetics, comfy, and useful terms.


The Bottom Line

This car is a supreme creation by Ferrari. It’s well proportionated with luxury, exclusiveness, and a diabolic performance. A well-deserved Enzo’s successor.

Starting prince at US$1.3million.