The 2015 Audi RS3 Sportback



Somebody told you about a flawless compact car, you could actually believe it? Apparently, that concept is represented with the 2015 RS3 Sportback which delivers a sexy and sporty aesthetic, exhilarating acceleration, and exhaust sounds that will get you some goosebumps.

This highly efficient five-cylinder coming from Germany has been created to rule the compact segment with all the luxury and opulence of Audi. The RS3 Sportback is a premium compact ready to show off an incredible performance, also capable of delivering an excellent handling.

The German cars had always been an engineering achievement. Every detail is there thanks to high crafting standard and meticulous hands are behind them. Let’s review this super compact car.

German Engineering and Performance


Audi has dotted this car with an exotic five-cylinder to deliver an outstanding performance. And when we say outstanding, we mean that it’s the best of its segment. The 2.5 L TFSI engine equipped under the hood is one of the fastest in its range of price. It could produce up to 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of maximum torque. With this power, the 2.5L TFSI is one of the most powerplants in the Audi’s lineup as well.

The best part and the part where everybody will freak out (including us) is the performance of this car. The exhilarating acceleration done by this car can launch the RS3 like if it has a rocket behind, going from standstill to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds and a reaching a top speed that goes to 174 mph.

All that power and performance is managed by a seven-speed Stronic transmission, ensuring a funny, smooth ride with precise and faster-shifting gears, along with the race-bred suspension it got. All the power is sent to an all-wheel-drive system and the fuel efficiency is also outstanding. For such an exhilarating performance, the RS3 is rated at 29 mpg combined.

The RS3 Sportback highlights an incredible handling, not enough to opaque the outstanding acceleration. Audi has made the RS3 pure delirious for many types of drivers. The sports suspension were exclusively designed for the RS3 and the pivot bearings of the front axle, along with the progressive steering, gave this car a crispy and sharp response when is needed. Also, an optional magnetic ride damper control system improves even more the handling.

Exterior Looking and German Upscale Materials


The exterior, compared with the outgoing model, has been improved in every way. The front fascia receives the same sporty essence but with an aggressive tone. The LED headlights have received a sharp and more athletic shape, also, the air intakes got a sexy and aggressive looks.

From sideways, the car exhibits a more athletic silhouette with more curves on the side panels and the modern mirrors. The rear has got new spoiler, while the stoplights and the twin exhaust outlets are changed. The result is an exciting appearance.

The luxury and elegance of Audi couldn’t be excluded in the interior of the 2015 RS3. Everything is flawlessly built and top-notch materials were used. It blends for convenience luxury, sportiness, and visual joy feeling. The seats come upholstered with premium leather. The steering wheel is swathed in leather and Alcantara. Stainless steel is found spread all over the interior delivering a really impressive design. In technology features, the 2015 RS3 come standard with the MMI infotainment system and Parking Plus System, along with several other common features of the segment.


The Bottom Line

The 2015 RS3 Sportback is probably the best RS3 ever built by Audi, and probably the best model of its segment. It blends an incredible performance, built quality, upscale materials, and an and sexy, athletic design.

Is a little expensive, but bearing in mind the excellent performance and fuel efficiency, it could be considered a great price-value car.

Starting price at US$78.500.