The 2012 Aston Martin One-77



The legendary British carmaker, Aston Martin, has always been dedicated to production models, offering cutting-edge features, attractive designs, and powerful engines. There are less than a few highly-exclusive vehicles built by them. The difference is more notable if we compare it to other exotic makers like Lamborghini or Ferrari, which ones loves to launch ambitious but forbidding vehicles.

The 2012 One-77 is one proof of Aston Martin’s skills and capacities for extremely exclusive supercars. With a limited production of 77 units, this opulent and ground-breaking British sports car was conceived as a mix of extreme opulence, lavishness, and speed.

Aston Martin’s promise of making an exclusive hypercar for their more faithful customers was vanishing with time. But then, at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, it was fully unveiled. The specialized media recover the faith on the brand and the entire car industry was mad about it.

Let’s take a close look of the exclusive 2012 One-77.

Powertrain and Specs


As expected from an Aston, the 2012 One-77 packs a naturally aspirated 48-valve 7.3 L V12 powerplant with a compression ratio of 10.9:1. This gigantic engine is totally capable of producing up to 750 hp and 553 lb-ft of maximum torque. Along with this exciting powerplant, there is a 6-speed automated manual transmission with ASM/SSM features and a limited-slip differential. The entire setup launches the 2012 One-77 from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed is rated at 220 mph (354 km/h), based on several tests after the official launch and distribution to its new owners.

Other interesting features are the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and the Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). Enhancing even more the car, the 2012 One-77 has a stainless steel lightweight exhaust system, totally tuned for high-performance behavior and brutal power output.

This rear-wheel-drive hypercar also features ventilated carbon ceramic discs, 398mm with six-piston calipers in the front and 360 mm with four-piston calipers in the rear. In terms of suspension, we found independent double wishbone suspension on both axles.

Design and Comfort Delivered


The whole One-77’s concept was all about offering a highly-exclusive vehicle that would deliver ultimate performance altogether with ultimate luxury. Following this instruction, designers and engineers took everything useful from other Aston Martin models and refined it until getting something opulent and lavish. Evil and cocky.

You cannot imagine this vehicle in the hands of a rock star or a rapper. No, the 2012 One-77 was made for western royalty and Arab lavishness. Also, here you have a related curious fact: one of the most profitable and popular markets for Aston Martin is the Arab one.

But not every line and curve was designed to amuse and impress. There is a lot of aerodynamics involved. The splitter on the front fascia and the highly-efficient rear diffuser are made of carbon fiber and plays a key role in the overall performance. Along with these features, everyone can notice that the biggest trail of its appearance is its elegance. The longitude of the hood until reaching the cockpit emulates an elegant limo, without losing any practicability.

The massive air intakes on each side and the small window’s area make it seems as an unrealistic concept vehicle. In the rear end, the one-piece LED taillight is a masterpiece of car designing. Plus, the active rear wing is a pleasure to see it working. 20-inch alloy wheels, available in both 7- or -10-spoke design, are wrapped with Pirelli P Zero Corsa, 255/35 ZR20 in the front and 335/30 ZR20 in the rear.


Inside the cabin, everything is opulent. The luxurious leather sports steering wheel along with the cutting-edge memory seats built with lightweight materials are quite appropriate for the hypercar.

The Bottom Line for the One-77

While the 2012 One-77 was a masterclass from the British car maker, it was way too exclusive for most people. Beyond the limited production, this hypercar had a price around £1.150.000, which at today’s conversion rates, is about US$1.664.331.