One more generation of the epic, highly-exclusive Phantom from Rolls-Royce is here, working hard to innovate where extreme luxury and lavishness are the most important elements. This brand, one that is well-known for incredibly expensive luxury cars, has been...
If you follow the automotive news from time to time, you will notice that this industry has a notable rising trend these days: station wagons. Mercedes-Benz is constantly refreshing its own wagon model while Porsche recently transformed its critically...
For Porsche, using the GT2 badge is no ordinary event. The German carmaker takes very seriously the hardcore edition they launch into the market. Vehicles like these can be either a game-changer or a huge bomb for the company. In...
Back in 2015, we saw the Lincoln Continental Concept, an ambitious sedan that was pretending to be the spearhead of the brand’s reborn. Most people were excited about the announcement, including those who already lost any hope on this...
The BMW Series 8 is around the corner. The recently announced concept was stunning enough to make us wonder where the German carmaker wants to go in the upcoming years. This move seems to be a quality effort to...

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