The Acura NSX 2015



The new Acura NSX 2015 is the proof that concept cars can be real someday.

Honda is making this statement with this revival, bringing back the soul of that amazing supercar. The original Acura NSX was released to the market more than 20 years ago, but the fanfare never gives up after the cease of the production.

After the apparition of the concept, the expectation was high. Now we see the actual product of years of design and technical work. The new NSX is creating hype all around the world months before its release. A hybrid supercar present in every market.

It’s important to know that this supercar will be release as Acura in the United States and Canada. In the rest of the world, it will be Honda. With the facts already cleared, let’s begin with the brand new features of the NSX 2015.



For anybody who knows the original NSX, there isn’t going to be a problem to recognize the classic design lines. This one has the original soul without a doubt.

Short and wide, the new Acura NSX was designed with the main factor in mind: aerodynamic. Several details of the body were changed to benefit the physical properties and achieve a higher performance through aerodynamic. Hood vents, grills, and spoilers are main elements of the new design.

The NSX has aggressive, sharp edges with a great quantity of angles, which gave the supercar a threatening look. The most skeptics are happy about it.


It was, at first, built almost entirely with carbon fiber. Now, he NSX is using a full-aluminum monohull with highly-resistant steel components.

Engine & Specs

These days is odd to see a supercar with a smaller engine than a V8. The new NSX is one of those cases. It packs a twin-turbocharged and inter-cooled DOHC 24-valve 3.5 liter V6, with aluminum block and heads. In addition to the main engine, there is going to be three smaller engines working with electric power.


About the transmission, the NSX 2015 has a 9-speed dual clutch automatic with manual shifting mode. High-profile specs for a worthy model. Obviously, as almost all of the actual supercars, it will feature a 4-wheel drive.

Honda and testers told to the specialized the media that it reaches a 191 mph speed (307 Km/h), going thru the 60 mph barrier in 2,9 seconds.

For the first year of production, there is going to be only one model, the NSX, but there are rumors that an NSX-R could appear in two or three years, which would be improved for track purposes.

But for this model, it already features four driving modes: Quiet, Sport, Sport + and Track. Also, there is a special button called Launch, which activate the main engine and the three smaller, electric engines and put all of them into work, pushing the boundaries.


For the interior of the new NSX, Honda decided to create a whole concept for the design. The Human Support Cockpit it’s all about the interior experience, focusing on the two allowed passengers.


This new model of design goes beyond modernization. It features several combinations of duotone upholstery. The instrumentation and the rest of the elements inside the car will be black and aluminum.

The main instruments are now a digital screen that will show the corresponding information, depending on the functioning mode at the moment. In that way, driving modes will determine the content of those screen. But, of course, the digital speed clock will be always there, behind the steering wheel.

Bottom Line

The new Acura NSX 2015 (or Honda, depending where you are) is the perfect example of concepts coming true and drivable cars. The estimated price is US$150.000, the standard for entry-to-mid-level supercars.

The entire industry has its eyes on it.


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