The 2016 Seat Leon Cross Sport



The 2016 Leon Cross Sport is an unfortunate try of being part of the growing crossover market. The Spanish maker has made several mistakes in the recent years. Seat has become one of the most stagnant and shy carmakers of the world. They bring one of the most capable and exciting hot-hatch, the Leon Cupra. What’s happening now?

This new concept is trying to show up the chances of getting back to the game. But there is nothing original about it. We are seeing a crossover concept based on the popular Cupra. What about creativity? Seat could have a serious lack of it.

Let’s see some of the main features of this concept.

Known Specs

The 2016 Leon Cross Sport packs a turbocharged 2.0 L inline 4, capable of generating 295 hp and 280 lb-ft. Along this decent power plant, there is a 6-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission. It has an  AWD traction with electronic differential lock.

With this setup, this odd concept can go from 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 4.9 seconds, according to the maker. For top speed, we have a maximum 155 mph (249 km/h), probably limited by the ECU.


This is the exact same engine onboard of the 2014 Leon SC Cupra 280 and the recently featured 2016 Volkswagen Gold R. Having this said, we can expect a good performance, offered by a cutting-edge, powerful engine for compact vehicles.

A higher stature is aimed to have better experiences on harsh, bad-shape roads, which is about 1.6 inches. We don’t know if its suspensions will be Rally-inspired like the previously mentioned Cupra. We expect so.

Boring Design for a Concept


Let’s face it, the 2016 Leon Cross Sports looks a little bit boring. Normally, concept models are extravagant and have a lot of peculiar design trends. Why? Because most of them have low chances of getting to production phase. The case of this particular model is odder. Seat already stated that there aren’t plans of producing this vehicle in the near future.

Despite this fact, the design is an interesting mix between athletic performance coming for the Cupra and the crossover trend. The performance-inspired details, just as expected, are abundant. The color black is often found, delivering a severe temper. The front bumper is shared with the X-Perience model. The really stylish 19-inch wheels have an innovative and fierce design, with a two-tone paint job.


The 2016 Leon Cupra 290’s interior was recycled and used in the case of this concept. A strong orange is being used as one of the main colors for this model. High-quality Alcantara is in charge of the upholstery with fancy and detailed stitching.

Getting based on the interior conditions, we can really affirm that the 2016 Leon Cross Sport would be an entry-level vehicle. Luxury is really scarce and we only can expect decent comfort. With the optimal suspension commonly used by Seat for its sporty models is used for this one, we can expect a smooth ride, even acceptable on unpaved roads.

The Bottom Line

With crossovers becoming a trend and Seat being hurt to death, this is a decent opportunity to do things right. The small crossover is widely based on the Cupra spirit, which could be an interesting alternative with no groundbreaking features to offer.

As we already said, it is still a mere concept, not thought to be produced anytime soon. The media’s opinion about it is pretty indifferent and neutral, which isn’t a good indicator for the car maker. But, we hope that they add some excitement to its design for a production created model.


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