The 2016 Lexus GS F



Lexus, the Premium-class division of Toyota, created the GS F with the BMW M5’s rivalry in mind. The Japanese maker thinks of the luxurious, four-door sports cars as worthy rivals in an inexperienced market.

The 2016 GS F aims to excel among German, high-performance sedans with an accessible price, praiseworthy specs and an aggressive design. In this way, the F division of Lexus, specialized on high geared, track-focused models, is making its bet.

Let’s see some of the specs that give it the GS F is belligerent personality.

Luxury and High-Performance, Comfort and Speed

The Asian maker is putting on the market a GS F with a normally aspirated 5.0 L V8 that produces 467 hp at 7100 rpm. The maximum torque generated by this powerful engine is 399 lb-ft at 4800 rpm.


The GS F reach a top speed of 168 mph (270 km/h), according to official estimates. It goes from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 4.4 seconds. Working hand by hand with this capable engine, there is an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus is now following the German blueprint: luxurious, powerful sedans, focused on handling and track capacities. That’s why the F division of Lexus, which is in charge of the development of high-performance vehicles, is making important investments in technology and engineering. Everybody needs to notice that the letter “F” stands for the Fuji Speedway, which is the main track for Lexus models under development.

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The 2016 GS F’s Design: More than Art


The F stamp brings to this model several body kit improvements to enhance aerodynamic and overall performance, like the quad exhausts at the rear, front and rear specially-designed bumpers, a lip spoiler and many other characteristics.

Also, the GS F will feature 19-inch alloy wheels in both front and rear, with 255/35R-19 and 275/35R-19 tyres respectively. The Lexus Design Division were focused on aerodynamics and efficient cooling, including air intakes on the front as others F-series models, like the IS F and the RC F.

This way, the 2016 GS F stand up against all the German sports sedans on the market, representing the Japanese alternative in the sector. The media consider this market an interesting one, due to the complexity of the vehicles which compose it. Luxury, comfort, speed and high-performance are ofter hard to achieve all at the same time and that is why there aren’t many serious competitors.


As a piece of modern art, it was recently unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. The F’s characteristic body kit is aggressive and full of sharp edges, but serious aerodynamic technology is behind of its design.

The Bottom Line

At it’s price, US$84.440, isn’t planning to be an entry-level sedan. All the contrary, the GS F presents itself as the almost-rich new toy to impress with its luxury and intimidate on the track. The specialized media is really excited with its launch, because, depending on its true value according to the customers, the GS F could represent a serious challenge to the leaders of the market.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the undisputed leaders of this type of market, with Cadillac behind trying to gain some terrain. Now, after developing one of the most popular supercars of the past years, the LFA, Lexus is expanding its investments and hitting unknown markets.

The media is already at its favor, mainly because the innovation it represents, especially if the user compares the 2016 GS F to the almost eternal models offered by the German makers. So this means that a new player has entered the game for luxury sports cars.


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