The 2016 Infiniti Q50



The 2016 Q50, one of the most solid offers of Infiniti in the US market, is here with more options, mainly improving power and comfort. An exciting trim will introduce a more agile power plant, delivering an exciting experience on the road. The two setups available in terms of traction propose a version of each type of driver.

But by the present moment, there are a few important details without being announced yet. We have to be happy with other essential details already shared by the carmaker.

Let’s review some of these specs available.

Engine and Specs

The cutting-edge Direct Adaptive Steering platform will improve the driving experience, mostly when the Sport mode is activated. Meanwhile, the Dynamic Digital Suspension system controls more effectively the damper, providing more comfort on the road, even on irregular streets.

The 2016 Q50 will be available in both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive tractions. It is important to mention that this model is totally customizable and the buyer will be able to choose every exact component at checkout.

Design and Looks


The 2016 Q50 doesn’t change that much in terms of design. The long hood and front fascia transmit elegance and opulence, even being a truly affordable sedan. Comfort and well-thought design are present in this model. The form has been slightly tuned in order to get a great balance between good looks and practicability. Do not forget a really fun performance on the sportiest trim.

As the most expensive variant of the Q50, the Red Sport 400, it features 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels. Also, as an exclusive, this trim comes with unique exhaust tips, recently designed by Infinity. The bold lines, a trademark for this carmaker, are present in every trim. A visual delight.

When we get inside, we notice a slightly changed dashboard with a few changes from the past model, where curvy, abundant shapes still are predominant. Comfort levels seem enough, nothing more. The Premium Plus package adds a lot of toys and comfort. From memory exterior mirrors and navigation system to heated steering wheel and front seats, this extra pack makes a good job stacking up fancy elements.


Plenty of the tech onboard is focused on improving safety, like the intelligent cruise control, cross traffic alert and back collision intervention. Many of these toys are standard while other are included in optional packages.

The Bottom Line

There is too much information not released yet about the 2016 Q50. This good-looking sedan is in the same segment of the BMW 3 Series, the Lexus IS, and the Audi A4. Having this said, is obvious that the competency is more than fierce.

The 2016 Q50 would have it easy. Despite this, this model is the best-selling Infiniti in the United States market, with pretty decent numbers. Important details as its base price are about to be announced. In fact, most of them, as the price, are expected before the 2015 ends.


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