The 2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe




This American car maker is assaulting every segment with a ridiculous success. The threat that represents Cadillac to German car makers is getting worse every year.

Cadillac is going to strike the market with its new 2016 ELR Coupe, taking advantage of the development of electric platforms. It is a smart move to venture in the electric technology. Now it’s possible to make an electric car with an incredible performance, something impossible a few years ago.

The new ELR Coupe has lots more torque than horsepower in its powertrain, earning an interesting acceleration. The electric system counts with an on-board rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 40 miles on a single charge.

We dare to say that electric cars are far away to win the war against petrol engines. The durability, performance, and miles ranges are way better in the petrol powertrains. But the electric cars fever is growing at an incredible pace. Meanwhile, the ELR Coupe is putting its bit of sand to close the gap between electric and petrol technologies.

Let’s review this innovative and eco-friendly American car.

Electric Power and Performance


The ELR powertrain is a like a re-tuned version of the hybrid powertrain used in the Chevrolet Volt. It was built with GM Delta II platform. The powertrain consists of an 119-135 kilowatt electric motor, a 4-cylinder engine-generator, and a 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. If you use solely the electric power on the ELR Coupe, you can drive for 40 miles. But if you use the electric motor along with the petrol engine, the total range is improved to 340 miles.

The disadvantage that detracts the attractive to electric cars is the massive wait times to recharge the electric system. Using a 120-vollt travel charger, the ELR Coupe takes between 12.5-18 hours recharging its battery, a complete folly. But if you are using a 240-volt charging station, the wait time is greatly decreased to 5 hours, which is a little more reasonably but still boring.

The powertrain that cranks out 233 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque produces a quite sluggish performance comparing with the Cadillac’s lineup. Goes from standstill to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 106 mph. Although, the performance is quite good for an electric car.

The Design Line and Interior



The exterior shows the current trends in the design from Cadillac. It’s similar to the totality of Cadillac’s lineup, actually. The ELR Coupe has a modern, sharp LED headlights and a huge grille. From sideways, the car has a fascinating silhouette with drastic lines that divide the half of the car from the window. The giant 20-inch wheels give its unique personality along with the singular lines of the windows panels.

If you look at the ELR’s butt, you immediately notice the modern and minimalist design it has. The jaw-dropping taillights flow flawlessly with the roofline and the trunk.

Once you enter in the cockpit, you will be instantly amazed by the build quality and the top-notch materials equipped in it. Typical in a Cadillac, the opulent and stylish interior is present. The cabin is full of luxury and technology and it’s probably the best to highlight in this car.


The cabin has the Cadillac Cue Infotainment System compatible with phone integration for Apple and Android, plus navigation and cameras as standard. Also, the infotainment will include OnStar 4G LTE connectivity and onboard Wifi. The audio will be covered by Bose and its Active Noise Cancellation audio system. The instrument panel seems cutting-edge and is customizable with four driver-selectable layouts.

The Bottom Line

The ELR Coupe is a fantastic option for a hybrid car. It has a really good performance, luxury items, and a cutting-edge cabin. Something to consider is if you want to waste 5-18 hours to recharge its batteries.

Starting price at US$57.500.


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