The 2016 Acura RDX 



In the segment of luxury crossovers, there isn’t clear champ. But, the 2016 RDX produced by Acura could be one of the most convenient and smart alternatives of the segment. Do not expect extreme lavish composition and features. This is a below-$50.000 CUV built with top-notch, cutting-edge specs.

Driving a 2016 RDX is practical and fun. Its power could be more than enough for many users. On the road, you don’t need more than that when the priority is comfort and convenience.

Now, more details of this great crossover made by Acura.

Bigger Engine for the 2016 RDX

In the past years, Acura used to equip its RDX crossover with a 4-inline engine. Now we find a more robust, naturally aspirated SOHC 3.5 L V6. This little beast can produce up to 279 hp at 6200 RPM and a maximum torque of 252 lb-ft at 4900 RPM. There is a dramatic exhaust sound, even both musical and fierce.


Working hand by hand with this engine, there is a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters available. This setup provides decent acceleration times. The 2016 RDX goes from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 6.2 seconds. When it comes backwards, this luxury crossover can go from 60 to 0 in 122 ft (37 metres).

The useful paddle shifters are really impressive when the S mode offered by the standard transmission is engaged.

The great fuel economy combined with impressive acceleration capacities makes the 2016 RDX a strong option in the segment. In the meanwhile, is important to know that there are limited off-road possibilities, no more than basics for an AWD crossover.

For this model, awesome handling and balance on the road were more important factors. Acura didn’t want to make this luxury crossover an all-terrain machinery.

Sleek, Modern Design and Form


The 2016 RDX is a beautiful, modern crossover, both in the exterior and the interior. We found the front fascia based on the actual Acura trademark, as expected. The design, in these terms, is highly technological and avant-garde.

Beyond the good looks from the outside, when we arrive the cockpit, we notice the abundant space inside. The luxury isn’t scarce, but some users could feel it limited. The 2016 RDX is focused way more in usefulness and convenience, over luxury, actually. Two screens are found working simultaneously on the central console, offering multiple services without interrupting the other one.

The highly sophisticated AcuraWatch Plus is also available. This tech is a safety-focused system that can even control driving behavior to avoid accidents, studying at the same time the road.

When we go for the standard RDX, we can get the power moonroof, heated front seats, LED headlights, a rearview camera, and many 0ther nice features.


In terms of options, there is no lack of them. ELS 10-speaker audio system, rain-sensing wipers, fog lights, multiple parking sensors, 18-inch wheels, navigation services and many more extras are available for users with bigger budgets.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 RDX is an impressive luxury crossover for its price and quality. In terms of competition, the 2016 BMW X1 could be one of the most serious rivals in the segment.

The 3907 lb (1772) luxury crossover isn’t competition for Porsche’s offerings to the market, but Acura did a great job providing a CUV with a really good ratio between comfort and efficiency.

The base price for the 2016 RDX is around US$36.210.


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