The 2015 Lincoln Continental Concept


lincoln continental 2015 Front

lincoln continental 2015

Coming back from the legacy yard, the 2015 Continental Concept arise again as Lincoln future expectations for production, this time stronger than ever. The 2015 Continental Concept is about to left behind that label.

If this American maker wants to bring this model to reality, locating it at the same segment as the highly anticipated Cadillac CT6. Extreme comfort and luxury coming from a Lincoln, all this at the edge of vanguardist technology.

Now, let’s see some of the main features known to the date.

Known Specs

lincoln continental 2015 Interior

The 2015 Continental Concept packs a 3.6 L V6 from the EcoBoost technology branch. For the already confirmed production, this engine is practically bounded. It has an estimated generation of more than 350 hp.

The full-size luxury sedan will go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in an estimated time of 6 seconds and will reach a probable top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h).

In terms of transmission, the 2016 Continental Concept will probably feature a 10-speed automatic gearbox, which is still under development. The Lincoln Drive Control technology would be available for this future model, featuring three different driving modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort. We can already imagine the capabilities of each mode.

Other important specs are still unknown. It is expected to know more about them when Lincoln or Ford Motor Co. make the official statement about the production start.

Lavish Design

lincoln continental 2015 Rear

The 2015 Continental Concept is all about luxury and opulence. This model has a long, successful history, which starts in 1940 with the first one ever produced. The Continental has always been synonymous of comfort and upper-class vehicles.

Now, its new appearance makes a renewed statement for Lincoln models, representing innovation. The iconic split grille commonly used by the maker has been revamped.

Cutting-edge headlights are mainly composed by LED technology. The E-Latch door handles introduced during the presentation show are standard by now. Just by touching a button, the door would gently open.

The full-length, narrow and thin taillight is totally elegant and avant-garde. Lincoln efforts are pushing the concept elements into the production stage. They want to make possible the futuristic-but-practical design presented.

Four wide pipes are found in the rear, giving a bold, muscular impression. The rear design and form did maintain some trails of past models. The 2015 Continental Concept didn’t want to wipe out completely the trademark design of the maker.

The 21-inch polished wheels are gorgeous and many wishes them to pass beyond the concept model. This could be hard to achieve, due its unpracticality.

Opulence turns, even more, dramatic when we reach the interior of the 2015 Continental Concept. Most of its attractive is found inside. Blue leather with black and chrome inserts are wrapping everything, providing the expected highlife class.

lincoln continental 2015 Interior Back

The 30-way adjustable seats aren’t found just in the front. These top-notch seats provide comfort both in the front and the rear. The huge center console allows the passengers to control most of the instruments and toys onboard.

Among them, we found control climate, SPG Smart Glass system for sunroof tinting, a Revel Ultima premium audio system, and even a champagne storage compartment, raising the levels of lavish style. The 2015 Continental Concept enjoys of Venetian leather and Alcantara as the main material used for decoration.

The Bottom Line

Just reading a little bit about this model, we can notice that the 2015 Continental Concept is the most luxurious and lavish model offered by Lincoln until date. Of course, it hasn’t entered the production stage yet. But, according to the maker, is just matter of time.

The price tag could be around the US$50.000 mark. In terms of competition, the main rival in the segment is the upcoming Cadillac CT6, another gem of design and sophistication.