The 2015 Koenigsegg Agera RS



A new supercar of epic proportion was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. A Swedish car maker, Koenigsegg, decided to present an even faster and legendary version of the Agera R. The 2015 Koenigsegg Agera RS showed itself as a supercar completely made of carbon-fiber and packing an ultra-performance engine that produce record numbers.

The production will be really limited and, oddly, an important part of the units were already sold before the show where the Agera RS were announced. Really exclusive, aggressive, cutting-edge and road legal. Let’s see some of the main features of this Swedish monster.

Hardcore Specs for the Carbon-Fiber Supercar


The 2015 Agera RS features a twin-turbo aluminum 5.0 L V8, equipped with a few patented tech that raise the game to the next level. This engine produces 1160 hp with an RPM limiter at 8250/min. According to the exclusive maker, the Agera RS goes from standstill to 186 mph (300 km/h) in less than 14 seconds.

Next to this extreme-performance, Flex-Fuel-capable engine, there is a specially designed 7-speed paddle shift with auto shift mode transmission, with Electronic Differential (KED) and Gearbox Control Module (KGCM) technologies. The highly smart system that controls the entire mechanism will offer three driving modes for enhanced traction: Normal, Wet and Track.

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Obviously, there are going to be cutting-edge technologies on brakes, being the basics ventilated ceramic discs with ABS. The maker calls it “the ultimate track tool”, due to its racing efficiency without being road illegal. Finally, according to Koenigsegg, the top speed goes up to 275 mph (443 km/h).

Carbon-Fiber and Kevlar for Extreme Lightweight


Surprisingly, the 2015 Agera RS features an MP3 player. That’s odd. When it’s about reducing weight, this kind of components are eliminated for sure. We suppose that the Swedish maker decided to cut some weight in other areas of the supercar. We will see.

The entire objective of the Koenigsegg development team during the creation and limited production of the Agera RS was to maximize the aerodynamic capacities of the supercar. An important part of this is to put out elements from the equation or improve building materials.

In this way, we can see polished carbon-fiber on every surface of the Agera RS. The body kit is made of this material and Kevlar, also the interior instruments. Even the wheels are completely made of carbon-fiber. Beautifully crafted exterior without getting too far from the unique Koenigsegg design.

The maker told the media that this supercar was simply an upgraded Agera R for the track, composed by two principles: less weight and more downforce. The last one is one of the main achievements of the 2015 Agera RS. There are many elements on the car that allow this.

Low side skirts, a big splitter, fascia winglets and a highly efficient rear wing are a few factors inside the complex Agera RS’ aerodynamic system. Designed by specialists and Scientifics, the aerodynamics go beyond expectations, creating a total downforce of 485 kg at 155 mph (250 km/h). This downforce capacity maintains the 3075 lb (1395 kg) supercar attached to the ground.


The interior maintains the basics of the past models, with the difference of the building material, where the carbon-fiber is the mandatory.  The sexy “RS” logo is often found on many elements of the supercar, including the interior.

The Bottom Line

Despite its extreme specs, the 2015 Agera RS will be totally legal. Unfortunately, the production will be limited to 25 units. Before its official announcement, 10 units were already sold, obviously purchased by high-profile clients. The Agera RS have a price tag of US$1.500.000.


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