The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C



The 2015 4C is one of the best options in the Alfa’s palette. Honestly, this compact sports car is one of the best options in its segment among similar models like the Miata or the Evora. Is this small piece of Italian engineering capable of bringing back the days of glory to Alfa Romeo? We don’t know. Between the 2015 4C and the upcoming Giulia, the legendary carmaker is trying to give a renewed face to the company.

This sports car it’s aimed to a selected target: the young and kind-of-wealthy. With its price tag, not everyone could afford one of these. But Alfa Romeo isn’t a vehicle for everyone. It has a grade of exclusivity. Or it used to have it.

Let’s review some of the main highlights of the new 2015 4C.

Compact Powerhouse


The 2015 4C features an awesome turbo 1.75 L inline-4 engine, capable of producing up to 237 horsepower at 2000 RPM and a maximum torque of 258 lb-ft at 2200 RPM. The transmission onboard is a 6-speed dual clutch automatic with manual shifting through paddles attached behind the steering wheel, as usual.

This RWD little beast has really impressive numbers with this setup, the only one available by the way. The 2015 4C can go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 4.4 seconds, as an estimation from the same maker. The top speed goes up 160 mph (257 km/h).

What makes this possible? The turbo engine by itself is powerful and highly responsive. It provides an unbelievable performance, but the key spec is its weight, around 2465 lb (1118 kg). The 2015 4C achieves a really low weight without discarding some of the most common equipment and elements inside the cabin. It is way lighter than most of its competition, like the Lotus Evora or de Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The great steering behavior and response provide an overall positive experience on the track. Among several driving modes, the “Race” one turns the 2015 4C a quick little beast in terms of acceleration. Engine and gearbox timing get serious.

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Italian Pure Form


Recent Alfa Romeo’s models could be considered as abstract art. In a few words, they lacked a fanaticada, one who likes the design. But, it has a unique style, hard to find in other models. The truth is, despite the popular ignorance, the 2015 4C has a beautiful, Italian-made shape, totally original from Alfa.

The compact sports car has a curvy design and a sexy, Mediterranean form. Some know how to appreciate it. That distinctive front grille makes a clear statement: Alfa Romeo is synonymous of Italian beauty. And the 2015 4C is still trying to exploit that. This carmaker isn’t at its best right know. The upcoming Giulia is risky shot to clear their name.

Now, the 2015 4C is an example of refinement, which could work. The classic wheels still the same, looking hot as before.


Despite its compact size, the interior holds enough spaces for many types of driver. But, don’t be confused. This isn’t a vehicle made for daily use. Its interior isn’t that comfortable. But the seats are good enough to greatly enjoy the ride.

The information screen is smaller in comparison with similar models. The dashboard and central console could be too crowded for some tastes. For the driver and the other passenger, they will have to listen to the engine roar behind their necks, due to the back window’s low efficiency blocking the noise. For some, this is good news.

The Bottom Line

The 2015 4C is an Italian sports car made for those who want to spend a magical, glamorous weekend or a soiree in the road. It is totally track-capable. It is, you racing enthusiasts.

The base price starts at US$53.000.


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