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Tesla Model 3The 2017 Tesla Model 3 is sure to be a hit with car enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious consumers alike. Most of the international magazines and newspapers covering the progress of the Tesla company’s electric car have been waiting with high hopes for the unveiling of the 2017 Model 3. While Consumer Reports magazine hints at a starting price of $35,000 USD, a later published article in IB Times suggests that it may cost closer to $70,000 USD to buy the new Tesla model – but that quote is probably related to the rumoured crossover SUV build expected to be launched alongside the Tesla 3.

Currently Tesla has the model S which is a sedan made in California by Tesla. At a high price, while it looks like ‘joe car’, an everyday automobile, this is not a selling point because consumers expect more for their ride when they pay a premium price. The Model 3 is famously hoped to be cheaper. Happily, Tesla’s co-founder and Chief Technical Officer JB Straubel unveiled more information about the 3 last June.

Major Points

2017-Tesla-R-interior-300x188The Tesla 3 is going to be available with several options such as power, range, and interior looks and style. In addition to the Tesla 3 Sedan, there is going to be a crossover SUV type of electric car from Tesla. A scale-down from the Model S, the 3 will be 20% smaller than the S – roughly the size of a BMW 3 series car.

In case you’ve been wondering, the basic Model 3 should be able to travel 200 miles on a charge, and the more advanced models longer. The battery is in production at Tesla’s own battery factory, called Gigafactory which has just finished construction in the Reno, Nevada area. At this time it seems that Tesla will not be going ahead with the previously discussed battery-swap tech.

Design won’t be a key feature of the new model. As a slightly smaller and plainer car, the 3 will be more economical, and possibly made of steel. For fancy, look to the upcoming Tesla Model X Suv.


Slated for a March 2016 launch, it is expected by most auto experts that actual production will begin in time for the 2017 automakers new year lineup.


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