The 2016 Koenigsegg Regera



The Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars left everyone surprised and wishful during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show while releasing its new Koenigsegg Regera, which means “reign” or “rule” when translated from Swedish into English. We shouldn’t underestimate the capabilities of Koegnisegg, despite the low production rate of the maker, they can deliver a sharp masterpiece and master the performance supercars market. Koenigsegg hasn’t produced enough units in its history to compare with a Ferrari’s production of a week, we need to say.

However, production number is not an obstacle to producing an exquisite super sports car. The 2016 Regera is intended to be a practical, luxurious hypercar alternative to the rest of the Koenigsegg’s line up. The highlight of this release is that Koenigsegg has said that the Regera will be the fastest accelerating and powerful production car ever built (good luck with that).

The 2016 Regera is a fantastic example of adaptability and innovation. Koenigsegg wants to really establish in the market with the feature of a plug-in hybrid car, basically, the same technology found in the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari, packing a smaller engine but with the power and convenience of several electric motor.

The Swedish hypercar maker did an extraordinary job with this car and knows exactly how to pack everything needed to deliver a real and exclusive exotic car. You’ll see why.

Let’s review this extraordinary car.

Powertrain and Performance


The 2016 Regera hits the future with a twin-turbocharged 5.0L V8 engine supplemented by three electric motors. The internal combustion engine is mid-rear mounted and by itself can produce up to 1100 hp at 7500 rpm and 944 ft-lb of torque at 4100 rpm. At this moment we are already amazed at the massive quantity of hp and torque, but wait, there is even more. The other three YASA electric motors fuse a total capacity of 697 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque, totalizing an incredible and sick power output of 1797 hp and 1607lb-of torque. Diabolic numbers. The acceleration is incredible as well. Let’s say that is more incredible that the numbers already mentioned. This insane Swedish hypercar can go from standstill to 249 mph in just 20 seconds. If true, it could be the quickest car in the world in terms of acceleration.

The powertrain is complete with a Koegnisegg Direct Drive Transmission, featuring a single-speed fixed gear transmission.

Design Line and Interior


The exterior is as brilliant as the performance. An interesting fact is that all the design was created internally by Koegnisegg. This means that there wasn’t any professional designer behind it. The result is an incredible car with a sexy, intimidating, and world-class front fascia. The vertical elongated LED headlights are simply absurdly-beautiful and the air intakes and the carbon-fiber diffuser are sexy.

The doors open is such a unique way, and fit incredible with the overall design and concept of the car. The rear end reflects the personality of the world fastest-acceleration car with that stop lights, giant diffuser, and an extraordinary oval exhaust. Curvy lines and aerodynamic features everywhere make this car a true masterpiece in terms of design.

The interior probably is the most luxurious and stylish in the segment. With functional features as a technology that reduce the noise caused by wind and mechanicals, there is innovation. 8-way sports seats electrically adjustable are also a great addition. Tech features as the Koegnisegg 9-inch infotainment system, a complete camera system with recording capabilities, Apple CarPlay, a new sound system, ambient lighting, and 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.


The Bottom Line for the Regera

The purest and perfect form of a luxury hyper sports car belongs to 2016 Regara. Is a car that holds the world fastest-acceleration record while is fitted up with a comfortable interior and unbelievable beauty.

Starting price at US$1.9million.


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