Good news for curious people and rich Arabs: Lamborghini just opened its biggest dealership in Dubai. The extraordinary, out-of-our-minds facilities are another sounding proof of how fast this carmaker has been growing as a serious, production-focused business. Named as Lamborghini...
Carmakers are willing to do almost anything in order to successfully promote their vehicles. These companies need outstanding marketing stunts to give exposure to their worthy models. That’s exactly what Porsche just did with the Cayenne, its best-selling SUV...
When it comes to creating street-legal drag-like vehicles, there are only a few like Dodge. For many decades, this carmaker has been selling over-the-top muscle cars that we all remember. Names like Charger, Dart, Viper, old-days’ Magnum, Polara,...
These are good days for Honda’s fanboys. The 2017 Civic Type R, which we already talked before here, at Up and Coming Cars, is going to hit the market very soon and there is no one who isn’t excited...
See Also: lamborghini egoista If you are a purist, then you are going to hate the latest comments made by Peter Quintus, VP of Marketing and Sales in BMW M, the high-performance division that we all love dearly. During a...

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