The Norfolk Police Department is Now Adding a Porsche Cayman GT4 to the Fleet


Norfolk Porsche Cayman GT4

Norfolk isn’t behind the race. It’s not hard to see how police departments all around the world are getting supercars with many different purposes. In some places, these exotic vehicles work as marketing stunts. In others, as complements for emergency-focused brigades.

Now is the Norfolk Police Department in England the one that will use a Porsche Cayman GT4, probably the most exciting Cayman variation available in the market. A charitable foundation called Lind Trust was the responsible in providing this extraordinary supercar to the police force.

The Norfolk’s Mission for this Cayman GT4

In the particular case of the Norfolk Police Department, this vehicle will not be used to chase the bad guys, even under the most difficult circumstances. Lind Trust provided the Cayman GT4 with a more educative purpose: creating conscience among the youth.

This 385-horsepower sports car will be responsible for teaching young citizens of Norfolk about the importance of driving carefully and respecting the road laws.

While a fast vehicle is not the best example of conscious driving, the policemen involved in this initiative want to use the Cayman to break those barriers between authority and common folk, conditioning friendly talks with the population.


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