New Cars for 2017


With the last year seeing a fifth successive rise in new car sales across the UK, our appetite for high performance motoring hasn’t wavered. 2016 saw a 2.3% rise in new car registrations on 2015 figures, which has become an all time record. Today’s new cars offer more safety features and comfort than ever. This year will be no exception.

This Year’s Forthcoming Models

We at Up and Coming Cars are more than just reporters or impartial observers. Our team are passionate about the vehicles which continue to amaze us, whether built for city centres or high performance. With the 17 registrations in place from the 01 March (and the 67 registrations pencilled in for the 01 September), here’s our highlights for 2017.

Abarth 500X

The Abarth makes a welcome return to the fold with its terrier-like 500X, a big car trapped in a small car’s body. This year’s model will boast a 200 bhp engine with bigger brakes and alloy wheels.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV

How can you not like the Alfa Romeo for its performance? With a 503 bhp engine, this baby could fly up to 177 mph on the speedo. A car that is wasted on weekly trips for a big shop.

Audi A8

The ever-dependable Audi is set to give the luxury car market a kick up the proverbials with its A8 luxury saloon. It combines performance with luxury and, if you get too tired, it even has an autopilot mode.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Wow… what a beauty. With the GTC4 Lusso, there’s a real return to form for the marque that Enzo created. It’s light and a good little mover, reaching 0 – 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 198 mph.

Ford Focus RS500

The Ford Focus is a dependable model among its drivers. The RS500 turns the Focus formula up to 11 with enviable performance ratings. A must for Ford enthusiasts with serious money to burn.

Jeep Compass

If negotiating muddy tracks and high gradients have a bearing on your 2017 purchase, this is a must-have vehicle. The spiffy UConnect Infotainment system works with Apple and Android devices.

Kia Rio

For low carbon motoring and amicable performance in urban areas, the Kia Rio will sate your desires. Its electronic gadgetry includes speed camera detection and weather reports. A good all rounder.

Lexus XC

Is is an Aston Martin or a Lexus? The XC coupé seems to pay tribute to the marque of James Bond fame. As well as high performance V6 or V8 engines, there is also an electric-hybrid version.

MINI Cooper Clubman

An iconic name and an equally iconic variant of the model itself. The 2017 edition sees the MINI Clubman move into Hot Estate territory. A far cry from your Granddad’s British Leyland version, as 2017’s model has a top speed of 148 mph.

Tesla Model 3

No look at 2017’s best cars is complete without Elon Musk’s company. The Tesla Model 3 is their most affordable electric car, with a range of 215 miles per charge. How can we forget its trademark autopilot mode?


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