Jaguar’s Success through the F-Pace and Land Rover’s Future with the Velar



Jaguar Land Rover has several years now updating its lineup and trying to stand out in very competitive segments. The results? Pretty remarkable, we dare to say. Now, the carmaker published its numbers regarding 2016, a year filled with successes.

What do the numbers say? This carmaker is growing non-stop these days and the past year represented a record-breaking period for the company, actually. In 2016, Jaguar Land Rover sold for the first time more than 600,000 units.

The exact number is 604,009 of vehicles sold. Within the group, Jaguar experienced the biggest growth in contrast with Land Rover. Jaguar sold 172,848 units, a number that represents an 83-percent increase in comparison with the selling performance during 2015. But which are the reasons behind such success?

The First Jaguar SUV

Let’s remember that the F-Pace is the first SUV ever sold by Jaguar. This amazing model has been performing extraordinarily in most markets around the world. After only a few years, the F-Pace continues to nurture its customer base, creating important fidelity.

Since the very beginning, Jaguar spoke about the fantastic performance this SUV was having in terms of sales. The trend continued over the years and now the carmaker is enjoying the results.

What the Velar Could Represent

Jaguar has always been known as a sporty brand, with some magnificent coupes created during its long history. The F-Pace meant an important course adjustment, breaking the sports car trend and bringing something big and bold.

Regarding Land Rover, the other face of the Jaguar Land Rover’s venture, numbers slightly dropped during the same period. Making the Discovery and the Defender disappear from the lineup seems like it a bad idea after all.

Despite that, the Velar could be the responsible for skyrocketing the sales once again and forget about 2016’s poor results. This highly sporty SUV follows the trend created by the Evoque but stepping up the game at the same time.


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