Custom Nissan GT-R with 2,737 HP Beats Quarter-Mile in 6.98 Seconds (Video)


Custom Nissan GT-R with 2,737 HP Beats Quarter-Mile in 6.98 Seconds (Video)

During the last few years, crazy tuners with rich sponsors have chosen the Nissan GT-R as their guinea pig to create out-of-the-charts monsters. This time, the team behind Extreme Turbo System was the responsible for building an insane vehicle that carries 2,737 ponies, specially made for the drag track.

In fact, during the dyno tests, this absurd monster broke down the platform by exceeding the technical limits.

The Powerhouse

Extreme Turbo System, which is based in Vancouver, has taken a GT-R with its standard engine and created a record-breaking vehicle without making dramatic changes. Truth be told, the biggest change here is the pair of colossal turbos installed under the hood.

Of course, further detailed tuning was required in order to make the numbers so high, but the ETS GT-R preserve many of its street-legal elements, unlike other GT-R models that have been extremely modified in order to hit the 7-second mark on the track.

This means that the 2,737-horsepower achievement of Extreme Turbo System can continue to go up.

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The ETS GT-R in Numbers

ETS GTR 6.98@214.89! Track conditions were not ideal but she finally did it!

Posted by Extreme Turbo Systems on Saturday, 29 April 2017

In 2016, Extreme Turbo System achieved 7.32 seconds and 196 mph (315 km/h) with its tuned GT-R. A few months after, Alpha Omega and T1 Race teams dethroned our friends at ETS.

After new modifications, the ETS monster became once again the fastest unit in the world by generating 2,737 horsepower and hitting 214 mph (344 km/h) while beating the quarter-mile in just 6.98. Enjoy the videos.


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