Dubai Now Has the Biggest Lamborghini Dealership in the World


Good news for curious people and rich Arabs: Lamborghini just opened its biggest dealership in Dubai. The extraordinary, out-of-our-minds facilities are another sounding proof of how fast this carmaker has been growing as a serious, production-focused business.

Named as Lamborghini Dubai, it’s an impressive architectural creation. At Up and Coming Cars, we have brought you this news to make you wonder about the supercar market’s direction.

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The Facilities

Lamborghini Dubai is the 12th dealership that the carmaker opens in the Middle East and Africa. This region has a sounding value for the brand’s commercial strategy as rich Arabs love Lamborghinis, even more than Ferraris and other supercar brands.

The building has 1,800 square meters distributed on three different floors. A huge part of the facilities is made of crystal, delivering a stunning impression, during both day and night.

The massive exposition areas are already filled with Huracan and Aventador units, ready for sale. We must also mention the mechanic shops and boutique areas, where every single square meter distils luxury and lavishness.

A Natural Thing to Happen in Dubai

Dubai has become the center of the wealthy world these days. In fact, while the one-percent drives around, enjoying of the exclusivities, the rest of the world continues to watch this place as a paradise on earth.

For Lamborghini, United Arab Emirates is a key element in their commercial strategy. This country and some of its neighbors may be directly responsible for the brand’s success during the recent years.


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