Daimler Wants to Compete with Tesla in the Electric Segment


Daimler Wants to Compete with Tesla in the Electric Segment

In recent days, Daimler announced that the company was making a millionaire investment in an electric battery factory in Germany. This move is a direct aggression towards Tesla, a carmaker that has been basically standing alone in its segment, with no considerable competition.

The production is expected to begin in mid-2018 and behind it, Daimler is hiding a 10-billion-euros project to develop a fully electric line that can easily compete with the market leaders.

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This is the Future as Daimler Imagines It

The German company has great expectations about the future of its pure-electric line-up. In fact, the board has already told the media that more than 10 pure-electric vehicles will be offered by the different Daimler brands.

And while Tesla’s Nevada factory of electric batteries will continue to be dramatically bigger, around six times the upcoming Daimler facility, this project would skyrocket electric ambitions of the Germans.

Using the EQ as a Trailblazer

Daimler Wants to Compete with Tesla in the Electric Segment

Recently, we saw how the Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept was announced to establish a clear direction for the group’s carmakers. This model alone represents what company wants in the mid-term. This fully electric SUV can be correctly considered as a cornerstone for the upcoming models that we’ll see in the next decade.

Expectations are so high that the group is planning to have up to a quarter of its line-up invested in pure-electric vehicles, what would be a serious threat to Testa. The project is even being supported by the national government as it represents an important move against American innovation.


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