Bentley is Thinking in Diversifying the Bentayga to Make it More Competitive


SUVs are getting more popular than expected these days. More carmakers are betting on this format as customers are willing to pay big sums if the final product is satisfying. Bentley knew this and created the Bentayga, a remarkable luxury SUV that is making people happy.

Nevertheless, it seems like Bentley doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having competitors working against its luxury SUV. Because of this, the well-known carmaker is planning to develop an entire lineup by taking the Bentayga as a base.

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What We Know So Far

Mr. Wolfgang Durheimer, who is the CEO of Bentley, told the media that new versions of the Bentayga were already in the works and the priority was to be create something remarkable.

While the projects based on the Bentayga have no green light yet, Mr. Durheimer is convinced by the potential of this SUV to kickstart new attractive versions. What we could expect from this interesting idea is the development of a smaller Bentayga, a diesel version, and a coupe version.

The smaller version could be competing with cheaper alternatives in the segment, while both diesel and couple versions could cost even more money than the original. Regarding the coupe version, it could also be a GT3 R version, like the one produced by Bentley with the Continental model.

The Competition

Bentley doesn’t have things easy. Major carmakers are developing worthy SUV that could bury the Bentayga without breaking a sweat. Models like the Rolls Royce Cullinan, which still continues to be an ongoing project, and the Lamborghini Urus are creating insane expectations about the next generation of high-end SUVs.


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