Audi RS8

Many people are egerly awaiting news of a new Audi RS8 car to be announced by Audi in 2018. So far, information on the new model has been hard to find but we do have some useful information to give us an idea of its specifications, based on the A8 series. Up and Coming Cars anticipate the power output of the RS8 to exceed 520 hp and 481 lb-ft in terms of torque performance.

Audi RS8
The new Audi RS8 is expected in 2018.

It is thought that under the hood, we will find the twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 engine to generate 560 hp. This will help it achieve an acceleration rate of just 3.8 seconds and produce a top speed of approximately 174 miles per hour. The Quattro all-wheel drive configuration system from Audi and an 8 speed trip tonic transmission should be in place.

Audi RS8 Interior

We tend to associate Audi with elegance and style which is why we should expect to see the trimming for the Audi RS8 comprised of aluminium and some carbon fibre with red stiching, cover which is a black Alcantara type and seats made from luxurious leather. We should also see some RS8 badges in place too. Whilst we will find a host of new gadgets in place for the car’s interior design, we shouldn’t be too surprised if the dashboard and centre console are more or less the same in terms of recent design and style.

Audi RS8 Exterior

The new Audi RS8 will be pleasing on the eye in terms of its exterior. It will look sporty, modern and dynamic with lost of new features to look out for such as the RS style structure from honeycombe and a front grille in a high-gloss black. Also set to feature are a sleek sunroof, new exhaust outlets, red brake calipers, diffuser and wheels.

Audi RS8 Release

Those who were expecting Audi to launch the RS8 model in 2017 may be disappointed to hear it will possibly be in production in 2018 instead. However, we think it will definitely be worth the wait, if the project does indeed get the go-ahead. Price-wise, we estimate a starting price of $15,0000 although the actual price is not known at the time of writing this review.

In summary, the Audi RS8 is an eye-catching, exciting sports car, hotly tipped for big things in 2018, giving the S65 AMG model some stiff competition, assuming it does get manufactured and available to buy. As always, stay tuned to the Up and Coming Cars site for more information and the latest reviews.