Audi Will Present the e-tron Sportback this Week in Shanghai


Audi e-tron Sportback Front

Like most big carmakers, Audi has been doing important efforts to get into the electric game. The e-tron lineup is its contribution and it seems that the in-house visionaries don’t want to stop innovating.

The 2017 Shanghai Auto Show is around the corner and we now know for sure that this company will present the e-tron Sportback. This concept will hardly see the market, at least not in its current presentation, but it represents the direction that Audi is taking with its hybrid offer.

What Do We know So Far?

Audi e-tron Sportback Rear

The e-tron Sportback is an electric SUV with futuristic inspiration, no matter where you see it. The front fascia offers a feature that we’ll probably see on future electric Audi vehicles from now on: a closed grid. This dramatic change would have a deep impact in aerodynamics and it’s totally viable for electric vehicles.

The aggressive, slim headlights and the fastback roofline are there to make the e-tron Sportback a sporty SUV. As most concept vehicles these days, Audi is presenting us a model abundant in hard, sharp edges, betting on something bold.

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What Can We Expect from Audi?

Shanghai will be the place to present the future of this carmaker in one way or another. Popular models like the A7 and the A9 e-tron will enjoy many of the features present on this concept SUV.

Upcoming Audi models, electric or not, will be probably influenced by the e-tron Sportback, a concept that distils the aspirations of in-house designers and engineers, wanting to make a difference.


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