The AMS Alpha 10 Audi R8



As usual, AMS Performance team offer to us a supreme package to take our cars to their real limits. The Alpha 10 Audi R8 is one monster with the double of horsepower in comparison with the base model. This people isn’t fooling around. They are used to do this kind of stuff.

Do you remember the Alpha 20 Nissan GT-R with 2000 hp that broke the internet recently? Well, these are the same guys, making insanely performance packages for already-fast machines. Enhance the unsurpassable is now the trend, we think.

The AMS Alpha 10 R8 is a good example of it. Focus on the powertrain, because the rest of the vehicle is exactly the same as always, even the transmission. But, who cares? The base R8 is already an amazing supercar. Now, it is time to add a crazy power output.

Let’s take a further look of this performance piece of work.

Powertrain and Specs


You must have in mind that the AMS Performance team is not going to sell you a ready-to-go Audi R8 with the package installed. No, you have to deliver your own base R8 and pay the performance equipment and the installation. They will give you a greatly upgraded twin-turbo 5.2 L V10. This monster is capable of generating up to 921 hp and 603 lb-ft of maximum torque. The improved exhaust system plays a key role in the total power output.

One of the biggest features of the Alpha 10 R8 is the cutting-edge dual liquid-to-air intercooler system that allows hardcore revs and speeds. Also, there are electric fans aiding the already powerful ventilation layout of the engine. At the end, we enjoy and extremely beautiful exhaust note. Not too belligerent. Not too obedient. It just sounds exciting, hiding at the same time the real horsepower generated.

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Notice that there isn’t a setup like this one for an R8. But it limited itself to the powerplant and the exhaust, you must know.  AMS Performance wanted to maintain elegance and discretion, so there isn’t going to change neither in handling or appearance. Yes, looks and driving behavior remains almost stock.

In this matter, is noticeable a shorter shifting, which is expected along an upgrade like this one. The brutal acceleration that seems that it wants to kill you by breaking your neck and displacing your organs is accompanied with a top speed rated at 210 mph (338 km/h), due limitations of the stock equipment.

The Alpha 10 R8 allows you to go through a quarter-mile in less than 11 seconds. If you like to challenge your pairs in the drag track, this could be an excellent choice. See it by yourself in the following video, provided by the developer of the performance pack.

Design and Looks

The Alpha 10 R8 looks the same as the base vehicle. You should expect some stickers indicating that the supercar is featuring an upgraded setup, nothing more. Inside, everything remains the same, thanks to the efforts of AMS Performance for not removing any convenience item that could have a negative impact on comfort.

The Bottom Line


The Alpha 10 package required two years of development and it is one of the most polished works by this team, excepting the GT-R based projects. AMS is already working on a new generation upgrade for the Audi R8, just like their constant update to their kits for the Godzilla.

The hardware has a price tag of US$40.000 while the installation could cost around US$15.000. Some people things that it is a ridiculous price for what the user get. We consider instead that it is a massive performance upgrade, even for being focused in the powertrain in an exclusive way.


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